Wrecked wrist... press ups difficult

Hey guys, I damaged my wrist, through repetitive stress me thinks (no jokes!), and struggle to do many press-ups with the hand flattened on the ground, as it's agony.

I can, however, do them quite well on my knuckles with the hand in a fist, as it applies a different pressure on the wrist. Do you think they would allow me to compensate in this way during the press-up tests much discussed here?

Or would they call me a pansy? :oops:
I smashed my wrist pretty badly
I had to have 3 inches cut off the end of the ulna to let it move at all.
I too can only do press ups on fingertips.
they still called me a pansy but I could prove that I didnt have a limp wrist!
Funny that, I would always spanner my wrists if doing press-ups the traditional way, yet fist was easier... although knacks the knuckles. Found doing 10, or however many you can flat, and the remainder on fist works and built up strength in wrist enough to do them normally. Also flexing the wrist through its range and stretching it warms it up, and down.. Need to keep it up though, as not done any for a while and knacked it again the other day. Dips and the like are also good as put similar pressure on joint, just exercise it gentlyb] really (don't push it and sprain again), ignore the fact your arms barely get a work out and focus on the wrist.. I'm no PTI, physio or doc but it worked for me, no doubt someone more educated can give you some better advice.

Doubt they'll let you do it on fist for purposes of PFT, rules is rules and it's designed that way for a reason, but you doc et PTI can advise.

Guessing you might be off for recruit selection though?
I went on a course with bone bruising to my wrist and had to do press ups on my finger tips. I think the PTI's where sympathetic though luckilly for me as it seemed to take months to get better. Hard to say whether or not you would be allowed to do them this way or on your knuckles at RSC etc if thats what you are referring to, to be honest though, a new entrant should be fit and healthy enough to be able to complete proper press ups.


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When I knackered one of my wrists, spent about a year doing press ups with fingers folded undermeath themselves from middle knuckle with most of the weight taken by the heel of the hand. Worked for me as it was almost pain free.
Let me get this straight...you are asking if a PTI would be in favour of a good *******?:)

Technically a fist/knuckle press up is harder to achieve than a basic flat hand press-up, in that it is a more painful manoeuvre. I think the difference in terms of muscular exercise is slight. I remember doing the commando 15 programme which included a gradated programme of press ups, with regular style the first stage, then finger tips, then hands pointed inward rather than ahead, then fists and finally chest-slaps.
Guessing you might be off for recruit selection though?
Yeah thats right, arranging my AOSB briefing soon, want to be in top shape, but would like to know what I can get away with doing, in trying to get the best result, if that makes sense.

When I sprained my wrist I could only attempt press ups on clenched fists - would this help?
Aye fists pointed to the ground as if punching it, thats spot on what I meant.

Cheers guys, more suggestions welcomed.
I've got a knackered left wrist (I'm right handed, alright?) And its really painful to do pressups, I'm worried about buggering it up further by doing them. Advice?
Right, I fcuked my left hand (somehow) doing press-ups months ago, and now it's in agony.

It was bad for a while, got a bit better, and is now awful. It hurts opening a pull door or unscrewing a bottle, so press-up capability's been dented somewhat.

I asked my ex-GF's mum- a GP- a few months ago, who said it was nerve damage & would be better in a couple of weeks :roll: . I think she might be right about the nerve damage, though- the pain seems to have travelled upwards from the base of the hand into the palm- just opening or closing it hurts like fcuk.

Any ideas what this might be, & how long it will take to sort out, if I go to a different doc?
Best getting it looked at by a consultant. I had a similar problem and was given the name of a specialist consultant surgeon in wrists (wait for the incoming.............) They scanned it and it was a total mess inside the wrist joint. During key hole surgery they removed lots of loose cartilidge and found I had split 2 of my major tendons down their length making the wrist unstable. Was told to give up press-ups (not an option) or risk having the entire joint fixed with wires and plates. An orthopedic surgeon friend of mine has said it's going to happen at some point in the future anyway, as the wrist it basically bone against bone, but in the meantime ******* push ups it is.
I broke my wrist 18 months ago now and i still can't do pressups the regular way. I've been doing them with a clenched fist with no real problems and the PTI's have said nothing so far.
Same thing when I buggered mine.. knuckle push ups.

Don't know if they wiould allow it.. however regarding being a pansy, knuckle press ups are hardcore! Do them till it bleeds!
Funniest thing is when you share a mat with someone else doing press ups and they start copying you becasue they think you know something they don't!

Happens every time.
As already said. Rules is rules.

The press up is hands flat on the floor arm at any width.

Under H&S the PTI should refuse you taking part in the PFT if you declear any injury. Catch 22 declear and be refused or do it and fail or knacker yourself some more.

While on the subject, I really recommend those half circle push up bars things. I have been using them whenever I do push ups for about a week and when I tried normal press ups today without the bars it was so much easier. Really useful little gadgets.

I super-fcuked up my left wrist doing MMA, it's sprained with also tendon damage and hyper extended tendons, and damage to the scaphoid.
I'm out the mob now, so my civvie doc said not to do fcuk all on it for at least 6 weeks. I wish I would've gone to see him earlier as I went back training too early at first and now it's much worse. I'm a rod.

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