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No. Is it good? Rocket fuel perhaps? Burns out the stomach lining?
Yeh, I've sampled it..... then woke up two days later. The alternative to paraffin; surely someone put a match to it!
Yes, they do a selection if memory serves me. Needs to be sipped, otherwise you have trouble breathing. I believe it's actually recommended for cooking (or that could be a different brand, perhaps) due to the high alcohol content.

I preferred some Austrian rum, the name escapes me at the moment, but that was 80% and was a dark colour. (edited to add - STROH 80)

The trouble with the high octane rums is that it's very easy to get a splitting headache (even before the hangover) and your guts feel as though they've been wrenched apart for most of the following day.
Drank it while in Jamaica, i say drank..i took a sip and thought of the hottest vindaloo in liquid form mixed with caustic soda!!!
My mate's brought me some rum back from The Cayman Islands, I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, but he reckons it's like 80% Malibu.


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It's brill! We found it in an offy in Bedford, a litre for a princely sum of 15 quid.

A mate and I sat down to try it; 3 hours later, and as pissed as irish bishops, about half the bottle was gone. Fantastic! Woke up, felt rather poorly, so back on it. For the next two days. Brilliant. :D
The label looks familiar but I cant remember 1990..... just called a mate in the UK, he cant remember 1990 either, but the label looked familiar. Now where did I leave 93, 94 and 96.

W@nker just called me back to make sure it was me that called, bit peaved at my call apparently.
The only drink I've drunk that literally left me speechless. Great stuff, just don't drink it neat!
Fair one. But even diluted it knocks you over. There's also the added benefit of actually being able to breathe!

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