Wrapping the kids presents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. I wish Gary and Michael would stand still, I can't get the paper round the legs.
  2. Use plenty of tape first.
  3. Junior rohypnol, or a bit of black nasty round their flailing limbs if you're feeling cheap
  4. mallet on the head then wrap then. try not to hit to hard or there heads would cave in
  5. Try using the wrapping service at your local shopping centre see if they can do any better.Only £2 a parcel so won't set you back too much. :)
  6. get the mccann's to help you.
  7. Would they tolerate the handcuffs and duct tape?
  8. Wrap them up in clingfilm first so they don't struggle
  9. Scrofula
    Top tip coming up here,
    Walk away from computer
    go outside, you will find fresh air,you will get used to it eventually,
    go to the pub and get hammered,ffs it's crimbo eve,
    merry christmas :lol:
  10. Yeah, but then you'd never find them again.
  11. I've been outside, the air is foul. I much prefer my own conditioned environment. Who can resist the smell of a home-grown fart ?