Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Should they reform? (If it was possible).And was it any better before..
    Any thoughts Gentlemen?
  2. I think that most of the women now would not want them too, but at the end of the day it was no different when they were WRACs anyway, apart from them joining in half way round the BFT!!
  3. Yeah, your right. How soon we forget. I just think that women serving along side soldiers possibly Create a problem,Yes/No? i.e fully combatent.
    Don't get me wrong i do feel there are some good female soldiers out and about.It just seems to me they are increasingly becoming a problem. Those that remember the time before, do you agree?
  4. How can you remember WRAC Carpets you are just a sprog ha ha I think they should reform and keep them in Guildford. More lesbos and good to watch lol.

  5. Not if they're fat it aint!
  6. Bring back the WRAC in diluted form.

    Train all women at a central training facility (ie the WRACery) in their own little world and pace, but still reaching the same or similar standards of the men.

    Then send them to their Corps and Regiments.

    I'd point out here the USMC went back to training the women seperatly because they feel it better. Especially for building camradeship between the girls. If they are in a mixed squad they will always be at the back, or near the back. That just destroys their will to achieve. In a level playing field their will to win would be enhanced.

    That's what I think anyway.

    What about RMAS Sandhurst, why do they still train seperatly? Why do they do it? There must be reasons for it.
  7. PS I can only just remember the WRACs they were closing down as I joined.
  8. They are re introducing single sex training, the reason for this being that there has been a significant number of injuries to female recruits who end up getting discharged from service.


  9. I have nothing but support for single sex training establishments. I served in the days of the WRAC. It worked then, why shouldn't it work now. The next sensible step though would be to reform the WRAC.
  10. Door wide open!
    Yep,and look at the type of women it made of you Biscuits!
  11. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    RMAS Train women in a seperate platoon, but when training as a company you are all together. I can remember being on a baseline on exercise with the girls and we all have to go through the same stuff. Being an ex ranker I have experienced basic training twice once in a mixed Troop and secondly at sandhurst with an all male platoon.

    What did I prefer? Sandhurst to be honest, I think it works alot better, and the women still bond fine with the men. Ok so Sandhurst is a tad longer than basic training. It was good to be in a seperate platoon fromt he women, but also good to have the female platoon in our company..........for lots of reasons ;-)

    Needless to say the downside for them at RMAS is that the women never get a looking when competing in events for the sovereigns platoon. THey often win the drill, but when it comes to endurance races etc, they don't get a look in which is a bit of a shame, but understandable.

    Chocolate's comment about loosing the will to achieve....you are always going to have people like that in you Tp/Pl. At sandhurst a lot of the overseas cadets find it hard and are always at the back. SHould we make a seperate platoon for them??
  12. The problem with the WRAC was that they used to nick all the good postings (Cyprus / Hong Kong etc) They also used to be promoted in their own roster so they would be crying in the YoS office if they wern't made up by 18 mths. Ask the fellas who got sent to Commcens I remember 16 SRs current Tfc Offr in the Commcen in JHQ and the girls were promoted around him, and he was as good at his trade and better than all of them in every other aspect of soldiering. I was in BAOR Systems next door and my (then) wife was in the Commcen so I used to get the juicy gossip first hand. Anyway, if the females are boarded alongside the males then it could work.
  13. 11D, what I was trying to say was that if they are in a single sex troop then their desire to succede can only be enhanced, they could also be in the same room. I have never understood how a group can bond when some of them are in another block!!! And pointing out that although the training of ORs has been screwed about by this idea that they should be trained together, it hasn't affected RMAS. What are the reasons for this, as I feel sure the same reasons could be applied for either side of the arguement.

    As for foreign recruits to sandhurst, leave where they are.. at the back. No excuse for a foreign student to be at the back of a squad just because they are foreign, if they work hard they'll get to the front, not that it is really relevant to the seperate training issue.

    As for the Sovereigns cup, a fair way could be invented to test all the participants. For example. Endurance. Instead of competing against each other, how about, at a suitable point in training, say the first term, they do a gun run. Then in the third term they do it again. The most time knocked off = winner. You only compete against yourself, so therefore the hole event is completely fair.
  14. Don't DCSA do all those jobs now?
  15. Yeah, I suppose DCSA does all the cushy ones, and a good few are civilianised (like the job I now do at a major HQ near London) I suppose the number of cushy postings are a lot fewer than they used to be, still if the WRAC does reform the females and males would need to be promotion boarded together.