WRAC/RE prior to 1992

The only WRACs I can remember seeing were the ones stampeding into the Chatham Stomp... I think you have the wrong Corps ... 8)
Ok maybe my question should have read 'Does anyone know if they were employed in any role other than as clerks or were they even employed as clerks? ' :D and yes i know there will be the stream answers which will say they were employed pie eaters, wall receptacles, etc, :wink: but this is a genuine question and I'd be grateful if anyone does have any information on this.
Drivers at Chattendean (a Squadron)
Postal and Couriers (were re-badged as RE for a period before joining RLC)
DCRE NI in 86 (not sure if badged as RE though)
Assistant Adj in Hameln 89ish
Wives civ pop for the use of (NI Training)

Probably more but thats all can think of at the mo
itaintalfot said:
"Assistant Adj in Hameln 89ish"

And she was bloody gorgeous
"kelly" the little irish doris, if so agree she was stunning.

she came into 37's bar when she was ROO to find a naked bar, blokes eating toast for other blokes arrse-cracks & botty b*$m with his bollox in the pickle jar asking her if she fancied an egg.

good times, i think.


As badged WRAC, they only carried out attached support roles such as drivers, COMCEN operators in garrison and support units, chefs etc. Field Regiments would not have had them on their deployable strength. Don't forget that before the AGC came on the scene the Corps had its own RE badged clerks.

The Corps has had badged RE female officers since 1979. WRAC badged officers would have been employed only as A/Adjt a role broadly similar to the current RAO Det Comd post.
halomonkey said:
Thanks for the replies and thanks chimera as that seems to cover all aspects of the question.
Halo, check PMs.
Chimera you forgot the Posties for that short spell twix WRAC and RLC, seem to remember some ladies (and Kelly:)) getting their RE Badge in Cyprus in 92? But hey what would I know I was probably drinking too many brandy sours with guiness chasers:)

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