WRAC impersonater Colchester

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bomb_mac, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. I've been trying to find the thread about the WRAC impersonater in Collie that some of the lads from my old reg had their way with, does anyone have a link to it.
  2. That was about 1987, wasn't it? Remember reading about it in the papers then - he/she was a fishmonger or something like that.........
  3. That's the one, there was a thread on here about it a while back and I want to show it to an old mucker that is visiting.
  4. I tried to pass myself off for about seven years as a WRAC.
    unfortunately, being a Man made this very difficult, and a I never managed to get a scratcher in any female block.
  5. were you TOO feminine then :? :? :? :?
  6. The smell must have made the impersonation SO much easier :D
  7. It was Aldershot and that 'he' was an LE Major. Or are we talking about 2 unrelated perverts?
  8. Bomb Mac, were you in 45 at Kirkee? I was 52/45.

    I have tried to find this also, but had no luck myself. The one of ours was A*** L***. Not sure which Bty he was then, but know he was CO's Drv in Padders. If you do find any good Int, please copy me in.

    Good luck
  9. Is it just a rumour that they were known as the Royal Corps of Female Impersonators?
  10. 94/45 op's at the time with some good men like mopps and geordie, tini paddy mack.
    Was whitelaw with you, I pissed on him at flagging.
    ( Hope he sees that and remembers)
  11. Yes, Jock was one of ours. You may have luck on >>here<< there's likely to be somebody that has more info.
  12. Thanks Lefty, stay lucky.
  13. Nope it was Colchester. :D
  14. I remeber the Shot one, only took it up the ARSSE for some reason?