WRAC army regulations, female soldiers allowed sussies and s

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Raven2008, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Whats the uniform regs for the ladies of the army of the land?

    on or under :) their No1 and mess dress.....wonder if they're allowed to wear stockings and sussies?

    Any sightings ???

    :D :p
  2. Is this going to be a Kathy West thread under an assumed name?
  3. WRAC Regulations? Are you living in a time warp???

  4. There are no regulations governing this. They can wear what they want as long as it meets colour and dernier requirements. They certainly used to receive a "hosiery allowance". Not sure if they still do.

    When the Royal Navy Nursing Corps admitted men for the first time back in the 80s, the first bloke's 1157 included the entry "tights, 3 prs or suspender belt and stockings, 3 prs". Not sure if he wore them though!
  5. American Tan coloured tights. It was on the kit list for Sandhurst, under "women", er, obviously :oops:

    Sorry to disappoint you. Perv.
  6. I've heard that Sluggy uses gravy browning and eye liner pencil.

    Takes her ages to get ready when she decides to wear "fishnets". ;)
  7. You're entering the shady world of the sex / pies interface. Quite a dangerous combination for the mid-life crisis facing male....
  8. Lt Roberta Platt-Higgins WRAC (as was probably retired now) wore sussies... or so I am led to beleive by the pictures.

  9. Apparently ,,,,Rumour/legend has it that... When 7 Sigs in Herford was fitted with a new fangled CCTV system in the 80s. One of the cameras could be turned to face the back of the Officers mess & one night there was a WRAC orderly Sgt from up the road at 4Div , getting a right good knee trembler off a Capt 2ic Sqn, she was alledged to be wearing a full set of french webbing aswell. Anybody remember this ?? It was the talk of the camp for some time after the guys getting off stag had managed to get down the Jungle & relive thier visual experiance over a few Tennants !!!

  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Didnt think it would be long before her name appeared. There's a whole thread on her somewhere on here. Not that I looked of course. Much.

  11. in the privacy of his own room, out of curiosity, just the once....

    ...the defence rests, m'lud
  12. Sorry can not think of a single SNCO WRAC at 4 ADSR, Only JNCO and Ptes
    (early 80's)
  13. Mavbe they got promoted later.
  14. Close but no cigar I am afraid - I was there at the time and it's amusing to see how stories have grown in the telling! The lady to which you allude was a Captain QARANC. However there was no "knee trembler" action I am afraid to say. There was a party in the Officers Mess that night on "dress as your favourite personality" theme. She came as Madonna in fishnets, basque and a skirt that doubled as a belt! She got out of her car and spent several minutes adjusting her webbing etc. Needless to say all the cameras focused on her and recorded the action!

    She later married a friend of mine so I will let her know she is still being talked about!

    I am sure there will now follow a raft of Death and Nurses comments!
  15. <hopeful mode>

    Don't suppose there were any photos? No 'course not. Silly me.