WPS - splenectomy

Morning! I am due to be medically discharged in the coming weeks, I am on the 75/15 pensions and was wondering if anyone may have submitted a claim for a splenectomy under the WPS?

I am aware that under the AFCS a splenectomy comes in at Level 11 with GIP but my injury was prior to 2005 meaning it will be claimed under the WPS but I have no idea what % I may be looking at.

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated


AFPS 75/15 doesn't detail splenectomyin its very short list of specified conditions (scroll down to Part 5 on this page: The Naval, Military and Air Forces Etc. (Disablement and Death) Service Pensions Order 2006, as of 2015).

A quick search of British and Irish Legal Information Institute for "War pension splenectomy" didn't provide any results.

So... it comes down to a judgment call about what percentage disablement results from your service-attributable conditions. How does your condition(s) affect your everyday living?
Thanks for that info, I had a read through part 5 but none of the injury’s/disablements even come close to a splenectomy to give an idea.

I wouldn’t say it hampers me daily at all, I have to take tablets each day and I am prone to illness more. Had to shield during Covid because I was classed as clinically extremely vulnerable. I have scaring from when it was removed (7 inch scar) and I also suffered a collapsed lunch in the same injury.

AFCS gives splenectomy at level 11 and collapsed lung at level 13 but I just can’t equate it over to the WPS. Wish I had done it 12 months later so it comes under the AFCS, although that would mean it would have timed out by now lol