WPCs killers in jail stabbing.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    LONDON (Reuters) - Two men jailed for life for a policewoman's murder during a bungled armed robbery are due in court next week charged with stabbing a fellow prison inmate.

    Yusuf Jamma, 20, and Muzzaker Shah, 26, convicted last year of killing Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, will appear before magistrates in Durham on August 30 charged with wounding with intent.

    They are accused of attacking a 22-year-old inmate at the maximum security Frankland Prison, Durham, which houses some of Britain's most serious offenders.

    The unnamed man from northwest England........


    Deport the bl**dy lot of them if you ask me.Wonder what 'punishment' they will get?Extra 2 weeks if that I'll bet.
    Views lads?
  2. Deport them? Excuse me but this is the Arrse sunshine, where illegal immigrants committing crimes subsequent to conviction for other crimes face the death penalty! Bleeding liberal...
  3. See, if they had topped these tw4ts like I said at the time, this would never have happened.
  4. Maybe they were trying to implement your suggestion? The man they stabbed is currently serving life imprisonment for murder as well...
  5. F**k It, Throw Them All In A Cage, Huge Deathmatch, Then Top The Winner Anyway, Lets See Them Re-Offend After That...
  6. Shows what w4nkers they are then, can they only kill women?
    I've passed harder turds.
  7. Maybe they stabbed someone who really desrved it .One can hope :twisted:
  8. death match intenational I sure sky sports would go for it :twisted:
    more entertaining than football any way
  9. Yeah Before You Know It Deathamtch Would Be Controlled By Sky (Setanta Would Have A Few Of Course) Super Sunday Would Comprise Of A Few Low Level Matches, And The Big One...
    Can Only Hope Ay...
  10. How about taking them to a wide open space put a flag say about 2 miles away, tell them if they make it to the flag they are free (similar set up from the scene in Apocalpto)
    The hunters (i.e the decent law abiding people of this nation) have various weapons to attack the prey, ranging from the trusty SA80 to my favourite on horse back in armour with my shield and mace!
  11. LOL! (my bold). Yep, with death agonies thrown in for good measure. 50 strokes with a cat o nine tails before mounting the gallows!! :twisted:
  12. Slice Their Achillies Tendon's And Tell Them They're Free If They Can Walk Out Of The Prison... Cue Lot's Of Abuse And Laughter From The Decent Public Member's, Then Lynch Them...
  13. Sheepkiller, it is such liberal pandering as this that has got us in the sh1t to start with.
    Why not make it 20 miles, then we'll have time for tea and biscuits. :D
  14. Well I was thinking of the horses welfare, modern horses are not bred to car the weight of full armour, but if we did have a 20 mile range I'm sure I could change my horse for a tank.

    throw them off the dover cliffs.

    men who attack women are the lowest of the low.

    blow off their testicles {if they have any}

    dole mongering little shi*es.