WPC Sharon Beshenivsky "Killed by Do-Gooders"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Coming_Man, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. The PC brigade also have a hand in this. Not that it would have made any difference to the outcome, but why were two female officers responding to an incident like this?
  2. Because it was their job.
  3. Just typical of the shambolic processes of UK Justice nowadays.... all the Hand Wringing Lefty F*ckwits moaning about.... the ferking 'Yumin Rites Act'...'Won't allow us to......!" gar, this make me sick!!!

    Just repeal the damned thing and rewrite it in a way that it cannot be used to block undesirables being deported. Our other Eu-SSR-land colleagues have no trouble with thier version of the EHR legislation.... They all have to comply with the same damned bit of crud!!!

    France, italy, Spain, Greece all manage to deport their Foreign Criminals.... But as is said...... 'Only in the UK'.... :evil:

    So all these damned crims come here to the UK becasue they know that no action will be taken against them...thanks to the Legal 'Yumin Rites' Industry, Justice will be delayed for often years and years... Thanks to the Mongs of the Liar-boring Party..... Ta's a bunch Blair, Brown, Meddlsome et al....you damaned Fackwits....
  4. Seriously, why the feck are we letting ANY Somalians in?

    I know a Sgt in the Met, well tooled up Armed Response type, the Somalians even get him nervous as they seem to have zero regard for human life and resort to guns/knives at the drop of the hat and will kill you just for looking at them crooked.

    Note to Do Giooders - Watch Blackhawk Down, do you REALLY want refugees from the Bakara Market strolling our streets?
  5. Perhaps a slightly more aggessive deportation policy, as in the USA, where deportation means just that, even if it means that the deportee goes to Hell.
  6. Not a dig at the women themselves, but what would two women have done even if they gang had been unarmed?
  7. 3 June 2010 cant come soon enough.
  8. I concur CQ, to an extent, however the commanders who sent them on the details should have conisidered bring a male officer with them, hindsight though is wonderful thing.
  9. And people wonder why there's racism in this country?
  10. They would have probably been put on a fizzer for displaying institutional racism as clearly they are disproportianately targeting ethnic minorities.

  11. Looked at them harshly…

    Of course, in say France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc, as the gang ran out the door the two cops would have zapped the gang with their gats.

    Of course, we can't arm our Police becuase the fuckwit brigade say 'If we arm the Police the criminals will arm themselves too'… :x
  12. I'll bet that they were the nearest who could respond within the Government set time limits. Another words they were sent to tick a box on a target, so higher up dont get a bollocking.
  13. What I find bizarre is that he was not originally deported back to Somalia because his life would be in danger there. However, when he was on the run from the British Police he made his way straight to Somalia. In Britain there is not threat to his life, just his liberty yet he fleas to a place where his life is supposed to be in danger.
    I hope that a future Government will deport all criminals back to their country of origin, (wherever that may be and even if it is another EU State or the US/Australia/NZ etc) as soon as they have been convicted. This will serve as a warning: If you come to Britain and commit a crime you will be kicked out.
    Further, as soon as your asylum application has been turned down you're on the next plane, no if, no buts. It is grossly unfair to the genuine asylum applicants to have the system clogged up with the bogus.