WPC Receives settlement for fear of Sirens

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ACAB, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Fuck me! I work on a site that has explosions every day, yes it makes me jump but Christ I might just claim against the army. Fuck, why shouldn't I have an easy ride too! Useless,using bitch!

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  2. Right, as a result of my service I'm afraid of Irishmen with guns and blokes with knives.

    Can I claim???
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  3. Wait 'till Trumpton hear about this, PTSD cause by putting out fires.
  4. And paramedics traumatised by open wounds
    Lawyers traumatised by the truth
    MPs traumatised filling out their expenses claims...............
  5. So she's on a training day and been in the job a wee while;

    But lawyers for Ms McGarva said the role-playing instructors 'ambushed' their team, causing the police team’s response to 'immediately dissolve into disarray'.

    Looks like she and her fellow rozzers needed more training.
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  6. The only times sirens frighten me is when the bastards are chasing me.

    I saw one recently where another tried to claim for compo 'cos her leave had been changed.What really fucked me off was it was the third time she had claimed off the force and had won the first two!

    Even fuckin' better,she was the Fed rep !

    It beggars fuckin' belief with this one,riots are not quiet places where it is safe to do your fuckin' makeup and swan around looking pretty.
  7. I'd be more suprised if a lawyer reacted badly to telling lies. As for the truth, how would you know?
    The two items have never been co-located
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  8. I'm putting a claim in against the Daily Mail, I suffer from depression and racism after reading it!
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  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Sign me up. Can you imagine what sort of class action that would be?

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  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Since I joined up I have developed a fear of being shot, going on exercise, working past 1700hrs (1500hrs on a Friday), running out of brew kit and breaking a nail.

    Gotta be a few quid there.
  11. So if she poo-poo'd her pants when a few of her colleagues ran at her in a role play situation, what the hell was she like when a real naughty boy ran at her in the street? The settlement was probably £50, some chocolates, a years supply of false nails and and laminated copy of her P45.

    Besides, 8 of them might not have been injured if they had done what they were taught. I don't think "Run for your lives when you see the rioters" was any form of command given.
  12. Holy crap, we used to finish 12.30hrs! And that was a UK base. But saying that, our RCM used to lock the camp gates at 10.30hrs so that no-one could leave before he had his Friday morning womble at 12.00hrs and gave the nod for the camp to knock off!