WPC Fletcher, Lockerbie, and Labour

Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories - I do, for example believe the US landed on the moon; I don't believe MI6 killed Princess Diana; and I don't believe that Elvis is still alive and shopping in Tescos in Basingstoke.

But there is something all too convenient about the way British-Libyan relations have panned out over the past few months. The initial public outrage over the release of Megrahi, the oil deals, and Gadaffi offering carefully worded statements about the Lockerbie investigations being for US and UK to cover, and now a cool apology for WPC Fletcher.

It all just seems too coincidental.
Must admit I didn't know that Libya had Apologised over the Murder of WPC Fletcher.
I know that Labour has dropped the investigation and request for extradition of the 'Said' known Murders.
Next ya'll be telling me that that boat captured off Iran was manned by Booties, Ugly Wren and a couple of Oil Surveyors.


Wouldn't like to say, jon, but I guess BP will have a damn good idea what lies under Iran. :)
cloudbuster said:
Wouldn't like to say, jon, but I guess BP will have a damn good idea what lies under Iran. :)
When you think it was called "The Anglo Persian oil company"you just might be right
There are no conspiracy theories regarding this government, they have turned self interest, deceit and avarice into an art form. Their is no depth to which they will not plummet, no level too low that they will not stoop, no act so despicable that it will make them feel shame.

They truly are a stain on the history of this Island.

Begone with them, the sooner the better.

Agreed. I just hate the comtempt in which Liebour holds the populace - "They'll never know we arranged this, we'll manipulate the situation so they'll remain in ignorance. And if they do find out, sod 'em - what do they know." If you get my drift

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