Wozzit? Camo Question

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Saw this IWM photo showing Officers' Set '37 pattern webbing and curious to know what the mannequin is wearing?



    It looks somewhat like the USMC 'brown side out' camo, but I'd imagine it's British because of the webbing and the source of the photo.

    Any ideas?
  2. It may be one of the experimental cam suits UOR'ed post D-Day for UK troops. The yanks did the same in their fight for the Bocage but binned it sharpish due to many blue on blues with nervous guys getting the cam confused with the prevalent boxhead camos worn by the Panzer Lehr blokes & SS.
  3. You should ask the IWM. I did some work there a while back and believe me they have cloth samples from Empire in the 19th Century; somebody will have the answer and they are very helpful.
  4. Yes - it really does look like the USMC reversible one:

  5. Bino pouch and pistol holster are mounted wrong.
  6. Are they?
  7. They should be mounted on the belt and the ammo and compass pouch mounted above on the straps.
  8. Could it be a French Indochina era combo?
    Especially the USMC / UK combination reminds of the 'anything goes' outfits you see on photo's from that era.
  9. Are you sure? I thought the Ammo pouch was designed for the pistol holster to hang from it.

    The Pouch, ammunition, pistol, W.E. Patt. ‘37, was an exact replica of the Compass pocket, with the felt lining omitted. It was intended to carry 12 rounds of .38-in. ammunition and could be connected to the Case, pistol in the same way as the Case, binoculars and Pocket, compass were. The connected assembly was often worn with the Pouch hooked to the belt, the Pistol case hanging lower down.

    Pattern 1937 Web Equipment
  10. It's not Septic fabric - the USMC stuff was heavily twilled so shows up strong vertical thread lines - you can just see it on the second photo.
  11. Whatever it is the web belt is being worn upside down ...the rear brasses face up, a common nig mistake.
  12. ...which would then infer that the belt buckle components have been mounted on the wrong ends of the belt.
  13. Easy done but hardly noticeable on a web belt.