Wow! Winning raffle ticket!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm still in a state of shock! I got a call early this morning from the staff at the Professional Soldiers board, saying that I had won the 'Green Beret,' knife raffle!

    They had the raffle to raise money for operating expenses, The Tickets were $1.00 per ticket. I bought 20 tickets, others bought in the 100s.

    The knife is the civilian model of the Yarbrough knife issued to SF graduates. This knife is signed by both CHRIS REEVE & BILL HARSEY.

    The knife I won comes with the sheath and a plaque, made to mount the knife on a wall, etc. The plaque was made and donated by a GB's family member.

    Picture of knife mounted on

  2. You call that a knife?
    This is a Knife!


    Well done for winning it :D

    Remember good luck comes in threes.

  3. Yes, hopefully it will fall off its plinth, hit TW in the temple and therefore save us from his inane drivel
  4. Trippy probably saw the prizes and bought all the raffle tickets to be guaranteed of winning 8O
  5. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Do you have trouble reading english? Which part of:

    "They had the raffle to raise money for operating expenses, The Tickets were $1.00 per ticket. I bought 20 tickets, others bought in the 100s."

    Didn't you understand? :roll: :wink:
  6. and you dont understand anything about the British sense of humour you fUcking mong
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Hmmm ... Good luck to you too, drain_sniffer!

    Merry Christmas! :roll: :wink:
  8. Holy Crap that Knife Art company is selling a knife for $7500 and it only has one blade. If I was forking out that kind of money I would expect it to come with at least a bottle opener and a Swedish chick to nosh me off.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    If your posts are an example of the 'British sense of humour.' I'm not really interested in learning or understanding it any better.

    We Yanks, would classify such remarks as a 'Cheap Shot' :wink:
  10. And we Brits call that being up your own arse!
  11. Trip wire, we classify your Army as "Over armed Dad's Army" you and that Fu**ing knife, you must have put a million threads up about that piece of shite!
  12. Nice to see a winner.

    Are you going to put the knife with your other weapons in your armoury at night, you've got to keep yourself safe and away from those gun yielding phychotic YANKS over there.

    By the way Trip_wire, D_S isnt trying to give you a cheap shot by calling you a fcuking mong, he's being serious I take it your having trouble reading English now aswell.

    edited to say thats the British humour again as D_S described
  13. Trip, Why are you guys not humble with your unit, you don't see are "THEM" with "winged daggers" as avtars etc?.
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Firstly, one of my hobbies is collecting military knifes. I recently posted on two different military knifes i have acquired, one I bought and the one featured in this thread, which I won in a raffle. So, there is more than one knife we're talking about here.

    Mostly this thread is about winning the raffle. The raffle tickets cost me $20 bucks and the knife sells for $399 according to the maker's site.

    I was really overwhelmed and VERY happy, when I got the news that I won. This knife will most likely increase in value, over the years because of the signatures on the blade.

    In your opinion such knifes are a "piece of shite!" Well, your welcome to your opinion. I have a very different opinion of such knifes and their value. I think that most people who are knowledgeable about military fighting knifes would agree with me on the value of such knifes both on the market and in a true soldiers kit.

    As for avatars, the SAS or 'Them' as you refer to have different concerns and choose to not be 'public,' about their role. etc. I presume NI played a large part in this obsession with OPSEC, in all your forces. Our Delta Force or CAG is also much like that as well.

    As a retired member of the US Army and the American Special Forces Regiment, I have no OPSEC worries (I haven't assassinated anyone, nor do I perform top secret missions anymore.) In most cases the USSF have different missions than your 'Them.' Although, they do exchange personnel all the time for training.

    So, I choose to use the symbol of the 'Green Beret' (That I earned.) and the the Case V-42 dagger, which is a part of the linage of my US Special Forces Regiment. (As well as the fact that I collect such knives.)

    I notice a number of ARRSE Members choose to use their 'cap badges' and/or 'Regimental crests', etc. I assume they do that, because they are proud of serving or having served in that Regiment and/or unit, just as I am.

    I also notice your avatar is a stupid looking cartoon character. I guess you either didn't serve in a unit or Regiment that you are proud of, or never served in the military and/or made a poor choice.

    I do this because I'm proud of the fact that I was a US Special Forces soldier and because I'm VERY proud to have served in that Regiment, for over 10 years. I also think it is my choice as to which avatar I choose.

    You are also entitled to your opinion of the US Army as: "Over armed Dad's Army." Of all the other insults some Brit's use on ARRSE, I have never heard that one. Doesn't make much sense to me.

    I on the other hand, have the upmost respect for the UK's armed forces. I would never publicly heap insults on them, as you have here, on our Army. I suspect that most other of the worlds professional soldiers, wouldn't express such drivel about the American Army and especially the US Special Forces Regiment on a military computer board.

    Merry Christmas!