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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. From beeb:

    Blair admitted to hospital

    The prime minister was admitted to hospital at lunchtime on Sunday suffering from an irregular heart beat.

    Downing Street has confirmed that Tony Blair went to Hammersmith Hospital's coronary care unit after he felt unwell.

    BBC correspondent Clarence Mitchell said Mr Blair was kept in for five to six hours but has since left the hospital.

    He said doctors established that he had an irregular heart beat which causes fluctuations and palpitations.

    A procedure known as a cardio conversion was carried out, he said.

    Senior hospital sources have told the BBC that Mr Blair was admitted suffering from supra ventricular tachycardia - a condition where the sufferer feels very unwell, with serious heart irregularities and shortness of breath.

    It is understood he was an acute admission, as the condition needs to be dealt with quickly, rather than by appointment.

    Medical sources say a sufferer would have been treated either with chemicals or an electric shock to rectify their heartbeat quickly.

    They would then have been kept in hospital for some hours to assess their response.
  2. It goes to show how distrustful we are of Bliar when this has cynically been called 'the get out of jail free card' for him standing down as PM.

    Vaz was under investigation, and refusing to co-operate, and ended up with a months suspension from Parliament, which is very serious, and he resigned because he had a health problem.

    Blair knows he isn't going to come out of Hutton vindicated, he knows he is generally loathed round the country, he know he fcked up Iraq, he knows he generally fcked up, he knows people know he is a liar, and he knows his time as leader of Labour is now short. He can't resign, that would be seen as an admission of guilt, and besides his ego and vanity won't allow that, so what better than to stand down for health reasons?

    Even though I detest him, I wouldn't really wish health problems on him, but I can't help thinking this is a ploy or the start of a spin campaign to allow him to stand down with his ego and reputation, what there is of it, intact :?
  3. I would, I hope the bastard dies in agony on Christmas morning
  4. Nah, one of the kids birthdays would be better. It's all a bollocks sympathy ploy
  5. Isn't it curious that Blair has a headline grabbing hospital story on the same weekend as Gordon Brown's headline grabbing sprog-dropping story.
  6. He probably made it up to get off stag.... :roll:

    Seriously, if he was in hospital for less than a day with heart trouble then it really can't be that bad, anyone taking bets on when the next 'Blair Sickie' will be pulled?
  7. Either just before Hutton publishes the enquiry results, or just before Gordon Brown decides he is taking over...
  8. Or did the Spams just send him a confidential memo, on where they're gonna invade next?

    And Blair thought "Fark that , I'm throwing a sickie, and let 2 Jags or Jack tell them to do one, I've gotta keep me lecture tour circuit safe"
  9. I do believe that a common medication for this sort of thing is Warfarin

    Better known as RAT POISON
  10. On the subject of Blair and co-incidences isn't it strange that Paul Burrell finds or decides to publish this supposed Diana "Somebody is trying to kill me" letter the week after the papers reported that HM was questioning Blairs enthusiasm for the E.U. Constitution? Could he be looking for a way to difuse serious Royal disapproval or set up an excuse for constitutional change should HM decide it is in breach of the Coronation Oath to give Assent to such a document (which might well be the case)?
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Personally I should complain less about his war lies and more about the fcking tax lies that he's been shipping in for the past X years.

    That and social policy where 'sink estate yoof' will end up being the only people that don't go to university any more.