Wow, DEME (A) must be nails

Discussion in 'REME' started by two-four-albert, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Just read the monthly party political document for the LEAN Party (The Crafty Mag). I was chuffed to see the big man (and others) carrying out some welding type stuff, in his CS 95! :? Are we that skint that we can no longer afford PPE, or was it just to p*ss people off in todays Corps where we cannot evern fart without having done the required MATT trg/got the required safety kit/cataq code/injection/dental fit/padre brief/risk assesment and E+D brief ??

    And just a quick one on the demise of the mag.....can we print it on the blue roll in future ?? It may serve a purpose :) ....Rant off. 24a out.
  2. Blimey 24A that course really changed you mate. I cant ever remember seeing you use PPE :wink:

    An A mech using comfy stuff like Blue roll to wipe his ARRSE what ever next.

    Point taken though.
  3. To be fair it is slightly more absorbant than Soldier magazine.
  4. I went safety concious after being in Batarrse one year and the crane on the 434 went tits up, only way to get the L60 out was to put my manhood through the top loop in the 4 legged sling and get Clammy to shove her thumb up my arrse, problem was when my member was aroused it catapulted said L60 all the way to packs....we were at Coke tower at the time :wink:
  5. I wonder if he 1st paraded the surrounding area before filling in the highly useful and easy to use metalsmiths 1st parade sheet ?

    On a side note he does have a bit of form in dodging the H&S overkill put out by his own office, remember him posing under an ISO container a short while ago......... :D
  6. For the purposes of a photograph? I'm sure there are people that use these forums that remember PMC and SEE during the late 80's/early 90's when they had pictures up on the display boards of Crafties and ATs 'working' on a piece of equipment (normally a CRO with no signal) wearing their berets and shiny red & black tapes.
    Mind you, back then we didn't have to jump through all those hoops 24A was talking about (MATT trg/got the required safety kit/cataq code/injection/dental fit/padre brief/risk assesment and E+D brief etc)

    I blame Gordon Brown.
  7. Obviously you are discussing things that happened pre options to change before the wonderful Battalions took over from Armoured Workshops.
    I hope that you had used barrier cream on your manhood as every good member of FRG would of done 24A. I saw holes in your story as soon as you mentioned Clammy doing stuff to your ARRSE as we all know she would never do distgusting things like that :wink:
  8. We had ours done and we dared a bloke of ours to pull a face, of course we also knew it went to your local rag for part of the Sat Soldier Scheme!
    Cue one 6 and a half foot Geordie looking very stupid in the Blaydon Herald or some such!
    Tee hee :D