Wounded Warrior Regiment


April 20, 2007: The U.S. Marine Corps has established a unique new unit, the Wounded Warrior Regiment. There will be two battalions, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. This effort grows out of a marine innovation from last year, of assigning wounded marines to units that could help them recover. That was simple solution for problems some wounded marines, recuperating in the United States, had in getting bureaucratic problems fixed. In the past, marines wounded overseas, and sent to hospitals back home for extended treatment, were still considered part of their units back in the combat zone. A year ago, the rules were changed to make the wounded marines temporarily assigned to the hospital they were in, even though they still were, technically, members of their combat unit overseas. This didn't solve the problem, so Marines were allowed to temporarily join any nearby marine unit (active duty or reserve). This made it a lot easier to solve any problems with pay or benefits. Previously, such problems required communication with the marine unit overseas. Even with email and cheap phone calls, this was quite a chore, and a bit much for a recuperating marine to handle. By transferring these administrative chores to a nearby unit, it was much easier to clear up problems. About a thousand marines were eligible for this new procedure. Now, the new Wounded Warrior Regiment will have a staff that specializes in the kinds of administrative problems wounded marines encounter, and quick solutions for all marines that need them.

Not a bad concept - maybe we should do something similar?
The sad bit is, if it did happen in the UK it would be the only fully manned battalion in the British Army!
What is the regimental crest? 2 crutches overa wheelchair? As a gesture of goodwill should we send over some fablon for their biffchits? maybe not our own guys needit.


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Wasn't the Brighton Pavilion given over to recovering soldiers at one point? Can't recall if it was the Crimean or the Great War.

I've got a better suggestion. How many recuperating lads can we fit on No. 10 & 11 Downing Street?
Wounded warrior battalion - new version of an old concept.

WW1 we were under-strength, but many short blokes wanted to fight. They were allowed in and served in battalions of short blokes so that their particular skills/deficiencies could be utilised. Said units were name Bantam Battalions, after the small but aggressive cockerels.

Odd thing was, that after a few months of better nosh & exercise in the army, many adults suddenly put on a few inches and had to transfer.

WW2 found the Krauts suffering manning problems, what with numerous casualties and general health probs. Someone came up with the idea that having a bloke with a dicky tummy in a regular battalion was a pain, and undue strain on medical services. Solution was to group together a few hundred of these blokes, slightly top-heavy on medics and with specialist medic(s) & diet for the complaint(s). They were even know by the complaint - more than one Stomach Battalion fought. Only against the Soviets though. Of course.

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