Wounded Warrior Project.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by extechstmn, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of these, and if so, are they a legitimate UK charity?

    The reason I ask is that they have a fundraising stall set up in Coventry City centre as we speak.

    All it's staff are wearing British desert uniforms, including rank badges, which is what caught my eye.

    I work as a civvy for the MOD, and I have never heard of them, so I Googled the name. All that showed up is an American charity which is neither VAT nor UK charity registered. Would I be correct in thinking that this is a scam which is defrauding Help for Heroes and the like?

    I have contacted the police and they are investigating.
  2. Maybe it is legit as I saw them in Surrey Quays shopping centre outside Tesco in South East London. If they were in there they would of had to get permission.

    They were there at 16:30 and had gone by the time I came out at 17:00.

    Three people, two in combats, with a couple of those upside down roller blind type self supporting display stands with professional looking graphics on it including a medal sort of like a George Cross with Wounded Warrior Project across it (might not be quite an accurate description as I only glanced at it as I had the children with me).

    Didn't stop as I was going to see them and find out about it when I came out. I couldn't find anything on the web about them except for the American site.
  3. Make contact with the charities commission http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/ and find out if they're for real. I am sorry but the fact they look kosher and have uniforms doesn't make them a real forces charity. We all know that there are those that claim to be for charity but in fact they collect for themselves.

  4. They aren't listed there under that name. Whether they have committed any offence depends on exactly what they were purporting to do. They would only have defrauded H4H if they had claimed to be using donations to support them when they were not. As you say they were in the city centre, it might be worth checking with the Council if they had proper permissions to collect.

    All value charities should be able to provide their registration number. Definitely worth keeping cash donations to bona fide charities only - not least because of the value of gift aud tax breaks.
  5. Sorry to bump an old topic but i saw these guys today in my local shopping centre. I stopped to give some cash and turns out they were entering people in a competition to win car. It cost £2.50 a ticket, i just emptied my pocket and said that i dont want a ticket, to which he said "ill write on the back that a soldier can have it then he might win a car" i asked him if was in the army because he had camo pants on but they werent DPM like the other guys and he said he wasnt his job is this and he doesnt want to get shot. I also asked if this was like H4H and he said unlike H4H these guys dont build rehab centres, they pay out to wounded soliders within 2 weeks unlike the royal legion which can take 2 months. I cant understand why they had a picture of US troops on there posters oh and he said it goes to guys coming back from Iraq and Afgan, as far as i know we dont have anyone really in Iraq now? Anyway im going to go back tomorrow and ask some more qustions if he is still there
  6. it sounds like a spoof charity. Get their chairity number and if possible ask the local police about them.

  7. Got the Police, the council, the charities commision and the city centre management company on the case now. It clearly states on their banners that they support 'Army, Navy and RAF'. It's not possible to officially support the RAF without being registered as a UK charity. Stinks of Conmen to me!! Unfortunately, I haven't seen them since saturday, but that just increases my suspicions!
  8. Have you guys never heaard of a not for profit organisation? Pretty narrow minded if you ask me. Do you really think that the so called "Charities" out there like H4H don't make money??

    Did you know that by supporting H4H by buying there merchandise (armband) you are not actually supporting the cause, all that money goes to a different company and pays there extremely inflated wages?? But now they are making £3million per year out of merchandise they make a "substantial" donation to H4H. Try looking at companies house for there accounts and what is their definition of a substantial donation. Also did you know that H4H is down at companies house as a NON TRADING company? Now does that not ring any alarm bells to anyone out there. ring ring. If a company is a charity then it must be trading.

    Did you also not think about looking at companies house to see if wounded warriors uk its a UK registered company? No i thought not.

    People in the UK are so blinded by the term charity number that they instantly think no number you must be a scam. I bought some tickets myself and the guys selling them were courteous and helpful and one of them was an ex soldier who had served in Bosnia and Iraq. I also contacted Wounded warrior project UK to ask when the draw was (the telephone number being on the ticket in clear print).

    Do you not think for one second that there are companies out there that do more for communities and those less fortunate than the rest of us than so called charities do.

    Also charities such as H4H did not start out as a charity they applied for charity status after originally setting up what, says wounded warriors project uk isn't doing the same.

    May i suggest to extechstmn that you get a life and stop bothering people who are trying to help raise an awareness to the public of injured soldiers.

    Also if you have got all these authorities involved and there has been no arrests then doesn't that mean they are doing nothing wrong, ooops is that more egg on your face.

    Come into the real world and stop living in your dreamscape were only you knows whats right or wrong, although i will admit informing the authorities when you think something is a scam is the best thing to do but then let them deal with it, don't slag off a potentially innocent helpful company just because YOU don't like what their doing.

    NUFF said
  9. All that you have stated means-what: it's fine to set up anything around forces injured personnel and collect money (not for profit organisation?). Great but as you have pointed out lots of the cash is kept. I don't support H4H and never have! But seeing as you have brought that name into this; H4H are still accountable to the charities commission and I believe other charities are the same...So in answer to your wild and off the target alligations . If they,re collecting towards a forces charity let them get a charity reference number, or would that mean they would have to declaire what they're doing and how much is going towards the charities?

    By the way I have set up own charity: it's called linemypockets4injuredsoldiers. All donations welcome.. Nuff said dib-dib-durch
  10. Hey Hitman, i would have replied but your not very educated as the spelling and grammar is atrocious. So i thought, whats the point you don't seem to understand basic concepts. By the way if a company is down as non trading then its accounts are submitted as nil - dormant company.
  11. Thanks, but this site doesn't state we have to be able to spell and have great grammar. Though, I can only continue to practice with the help of people like you telling me my mistakes? The points made by you in your posts are rubbish…ignorance is not something to be ashamed but neither should you be proud of it.
    There are two many charities setting up on the back of our injured soldiers, however you feel it’s correct to advocate such a practice then go on!… Do you have a conflict of interest towards this “Charity”?

    All the best

    P.S I see you still haven't given a donation too. linemypockets4injuredsoldiers
  12. Points taken, and i agree about too many charities have been set up around this but if you look on the charities commission forces charities are quite low on the supported list, so unless your H4H your not really going to get to much out of it.

    PS sorry about not donating linemypockets4injuredsoldiers but H4H took all my money
  13. You don’t like H4H’s do you! Well maybe you should make contact with COBSEO I have supplied the link. The man you are after is Mike Bray.

    This is my opinion. I believe all forces charities need to be gathered in and placed under one organisational umbrella. I don’t know tri-service charities that would cut out most profiteering and allow the cash to go to its intended audience. As far as the Wounded Warrior Project goes, I wouldn’t pass cash to them personally

    This is just an idea.


  14. Companies House listing here: WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT UK LIMITED. Blackpool-based company incorporated on 4 Dec 2009.

    Website under construction here.

    WHOSIS domain name registration information here.

    No Charity Commission listing found.

    Well-established US charity's website (Wounded Warriors Project) here. No evidence found of any connection.
  15. Thanks for the information Dunservin.