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Wounded Warrior Project / Keystone Fundraising Scam

There is a thread in the charities forum which was started in January 2010 asking the legitimacy of the 'Wounded Warrior Project', which seemed to drum up suspicion from long standing members, and support from members who have only ever posted in that topic.

Anyway, to paste the reply I have just stuck in there:

Perhaps it is time to bring this story to national attention?

Court date in con case - Local - Blackpool Gazette

‘Warriors’ face £332,000 scam charges - Local - Blackpool Gazette

John Wadsworth, who decided not to attend court, and who I unfortunately had the displeasure of (loosely) knowing before and whilst this scam was ongoing, is nothing more than a lifelong sponger and fraudster who has barely done an honest day's work in his life.

He knew full well that the entire operation was a scam, but tried to convince people it was justified because of the fact that they gave £10,000 of the hundreds of thousands they collected to Help for Heroes. Or so he claims, perhaps people here are better placed to verify that; Even so, it will have only been a minimum gesture they saw as an expense required to be able to plaster the help for heroes logo on their tickets in order to gain trust from the public.

I last saw the guy around the time the whole thing collapsed, and as far as I know he has been on the run and hiding since. At least the other two have the sense to communicate with the courts.

Before they got into this line of 'charitable fundraising' they operated as a debt collection company.

Obviously all the complaints (Including my own) were taken on board, and it's good to see that they are being held accountable for it all, but knowing Blackpool courts they will get off with a slap on the wrist and a £100 fine.

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