wounded US soldier charged for his body armour

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by semper, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Quite shocking but to be truthful, I would have expected this to happen here first before our cousins over the pond suffered in such a manner.
  2. Just wait until we start charging people for breaking their gats in combat and stuff.
  3. Totally agree. Maybe there is an exchange posting between the US Dept of Defence and the MOD, which involves one of their personnel and one of our more illustrious penny-pinching bureaucratic civil servants, who has tried to make their mark.
  4. nice to see though that those sensitive souls on Mil.chod have more or less turned against this soldier in the usual 'how dare he question our military' 'Bush is God' type manner:


    Mods get tough in red writing

    Dont bad mouth the president
  5. I'm waiting for the bill for all those rounds i didn't bring back in the condition they were issued.

    (range days, i'm not claiming to have been involved in any shooting recently|)
  6. Next we will be getting charged for not picking up brass in firefights or failing that just to cover our ARRSES pick up enemy weapons and flog them!! as Jim davidson says the army couldnt be self-sufficient short of pillaging.
  7. "I last saw the (body armor) when it was pulled off my bleeding body while I was being evacuated in a helicopter," Rebrook told The Charleston Gazette for Tuesday's edition. "They took it off me and burned it."

    Should have got the medic to sign for it on a 1033 - in duplicate of course.
  8. Totally barking buarocratic nonsense. Surely his CO could have written the loss off. Rather than this cake and arrse party.
  9. Did you actually read the thread, it's not that one-sided he's got a lot of sympathy from posters there. Of course there's always the 'blame the soldier' types that I can't stand who have to chime in with their bullsh*t. As for the Bushies, the Active-Duty Army and Marines are full of them, the National Guard and Reserves less so. The consequences of an all volunteer force for some reason.
  10. Stores are for storing .Anyone surprised at this .
  11. Didn't we do this before?

    It's a non-story. The guys at receiving see that he's got no armour, and no documentation to back it up. Instead of waiting for the documentation to be pulled together (Sworn statements, filing of combat loss, etc) before discharge, he chose to make the payment, get out of the army immediately, and be refunded later after the loss became properly documented.

    The company supply NCO should have been a bit more pro-active, and perhaps the CO/XO a bit more on the ball, but it's not a fault with the system.

    At any rate, he's being refunded.

  12. Good news, thanks, California_Tanker.

    Another victory for ARRSE, then! :lol:
  13. Wow he got Body armour...... More than I got when I was in Iraq, whats his problem :twisted:
  14. Body armour is for wimps anyway.

    Don't make me start a sentence with "in my day..."!!!