Wounded soldiers get appalling health care

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Wounded soldiers 'get appalling health care'
    Daily Telegraph link
    Good to see the Telegraph going into bat!
  2. Utterly shameful to see this kind of treatment for HM's fighting men and women.Whatever anybody says about us sceptics we never leave our servicemen and women behind.
  3. Maybe us septics ought to organize a charity for our allies. There are already several armed forces charities for US troops that help buy armor and helmets, and send care packages and help fund humanitarian and civil affairs ops. Maybe we ought to give our allies a hand?
  4. http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=408180&in_page_id=1770

  5. A Sobering article, very......

    I don’t suppose Blair & co will honour us with a reply? ... nah didn’t think so ... c*nts

    Its not so much the war fighting or 'going to sunny places' that sticks in the throat, most of us joined up for that... its the total lack of support, lies and well the blatantly obvious 'f*ck you' attitude that comes from the top starting at No 10.

    CJ thanks for the offer, maybe if our cousins over the water did organise something it would shame our own country into doing more? But I doubt it, even this Govt can’t say they don’t know what is going on, they just choose to ignore it.

    Unfortunately for us over here on this side of the pond squaddies aren’t small furry and cuddly (the public here just love cute animals) or some potential 'new libour' voter that has just sneaked into the country in the guise of a 'refugee' thereby attracting all the interest from the top. Then we have the PC Brigade....
  6. One of the problems with this Government is it is instinctively anti military. Do you think just because they are in power that their views have massively changed?

    The undermining of our armed forces is not only cynical and calculated. It is deliberate policy. It's all part of the back door tactic of justifying us becoming part of a Euro Defence Force.

    It won't be long before "Overstretch" and budgetary reasons is used as the justification.
  7. I have been saying on the RAMC & QARANC forum, that we need Military Hospitals back. Any excuse about not getting proper training for the nurses or Doctors are utter lies. What type of training are the vast majority getting now?? geriatric training, ideal for a young, nubile Army!

    The government is lieing about figures, we know how much they love spin and they are trying to distract the public about the true cost of the war in human terms.

    I am so disgusted at the treatment given to our casulaties of war, and this comes from a Medic
  8. So far, of course, I've seen nothing amounting to a sensible reply to any of these articles in the Mail or Telegraph from any Minister (or PR worm). They're doing the Provisional SF trick of keeping very quiet in the expectation that the furore will gradually die down, then making a huge amount of noise about something wholly unrelated - showing them as victims, or on the moral high ground - which drowns out the irritating buzz of truth.
  9. Whilst in no way defending Neue Arbeits disgraceful record, it should not be forgotten that the Tories were the ones that initiated the policy. They also have blood on their hands.

    Cnuts the lot of them.
  10. Chief_Joseph
    Maybe you septics should stir up some action to get the US military to offer places in your military hospitals to "your gallant British allies" who are wounded in America's wars. This would both make the USofA look good and might shame British politicians into providing a satisfactory medical support system over here.
  11. That was a powerful and disturbing article which leaves you feeling appalled that individuals have had these experiences.

    Bizarrely, to be asked to remove your uniform in case it offends someone, is, without doubt, one of the most galling remarks.

    It is a betrayal.

    We've sunk to new lows.
  12. Begs the question whether Muslims would be asked to shed their non-Western garb "in case it offends someone".

    Edited for typo
  13. It offends me greatly.
  14. Very true, but... again whilst not defending actions by the Tories that everyone in the know at the time thought to be a bad short-sighted move.

    At least when they started the cuts the world was in all honesty a much more peaceful place and some could say(wrongly IMHO) that a reduction in resources was in order, although why they couldn’t have kept the Mil Hospitals open and just treated more NHS patients I don’t know.

    But this Neue Libour lot have criminally carried on the cuts closing Mil Hospitals, base’s and cutting troop numbers during a period of War Fighting in parts so intense that we have not seen the like since Korea. And that fact is unacceptable and far far far outweighs any actions carried out by the Tories and that, along with their so called border control policy (cutting HM Customs thereby allowing almost free movement of criminals, drugs and weapons) puts this country in far more danger than we have been in since the 50's
  15. No, we spend money byingthem special gowns so that they don't feel offended.