Wounded soldier asks medic for 'boob flash' to relieve pain

[h=1]Full disclosure: this is several months old but I just discovered it tucked away in a fire service website.[/h]
[h=2]Emily Tomkins brushed off the unusual request and proceeded to carry the injured soldier to safety[/h] By FireRescue1 Staff

ALDERSHOT, England — An army medic has won a bravery award for saving a badly wounded soldier hit by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan — and revealed how he cheekily asked to see her boobs to relieve his agony.
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[SIZE=-2]Photo Daily Echo
Emily Tomkins was awarded a Mention in Despatches.

Despite coming under attack from enemy fire, Private Emily Tomkins kept her cool and tended to the British soldier who had lost both his legs.

Tomkins stemmed his blood loss then helped drag him to safety, according to The Daily Echo.

The 21-year-old, from Aldershot, England, was awarded a Mention in Despatches for her heroics in Helmand, Afghanistan.
She told how she initially gave the man a shot of morphine, but explained she could not risk giving any more despite his agony. "He said, "Well do something useful and show me your boobs.""

Tomkins said she brushed off his unusual request and proceeded to carry the injured wounded soldier to safety, and is credited with saving his life.

"I was just doing my job," she said.
That has to be the definition of nails - getting your legs blown off but still asking a doris to see her tits.
This is outrageous and that soldier should be charged!

I'm that mad I'm off to kick my missus in the tits.
There's bound to be a clause in the QRs that allows for mild dishonourable conduct when crazed with pain.

Don't forget the defence in military law for punching the RSM when woken from a deep sleep....
Don't lie, wrens can't be raped!
Why? Why the fuck would you want to? I knew this site had its fair share of weirdos...but come on fellas...Jenny? I keep having nightmares about the WWtr at Neptune, built like a three badge stoker and smelled like his oil cloth...
Yeah, I got off with raping six Wrens after being woken from a deep sleep. I also had a paper cut on my finger which hurt.
Shame you never had brain damage, Falls, you could have safely kept a gimpy under the bed as well
It's the one with the shaved legs. (I think)

Anyway, seems a reasonable request by the injured lad. The benefits of the placeboob effect are well-documented.


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there was something about that in some yank study IIRC - distraction and the endorphins from a boob flash would help the pain.

think back to casualty units/hospitals and sexy young nurses showing a hint of stocking or cleavage.


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Can you spot the wren in this group of matelots?
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Yes one is a wren before you ask.

Sent from my brain to your eyes via the Internet.
Right bunch of scruffy bastards. I expect the jimmy got a right bollocking for allowing you lot off the ship like that and I hope he trooped the lot of you when you got back on board. Apart from her on the left. She'd get it

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