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Please excuse me, I'm new to the site and also ex-RAF Corporal (Engineering on the Tornado) but could I politely ask for some help and ideas. I might as well put all my cards on the table and be open and honest - for I know that's how service people like to be treat, I am also a member of a political party, the Conservative Party, although please don't assume I'm silver spooned, my father and both grandfathers were miners.

I recently had a drink with a soldier that had returned from Iraq with an injury, and during this discussion, one issue that cropped up all the time was the possibility of a forum specifically for wounded service personnel. The idea behind this was that people could share ideas and experiences in a way where it might not be possible in a more formal environment. After this talk, I was so taken aback with some of what I had listened to, I discussed the possibility of joining SSAFA along with my brother, he's just completed 25 years in the RAF (Harriers) and we await a call back from our local SSAFA office.

Although nobody would wish to start some slanging match about this, that or the other, if any level of improvement could be made to any shortfall in the treatment, either short-term or long-term, to service personnel, by the use of a specific forum then this would be a bonus to all concerned.

Those that slip through the net of service charities might be picked up this way and pointed in the right direction regarding assistance and help.

I don't recall any such forum that deals with this issue or whether anyone thinks there is cause for such a forum.

I recognise this site looks pretty damn good and offers the Welfare & Charities option, but any thoughts on the subject of a specific forum for wounded personnel would be really appreciated.

Many thanks.


Most sites tend to be specific to one conflict:
Gulf War:


Northern Ireland:

It tends to be that way as those who join have a common bond.
Likewise people with specific injuries go to injury specific sites like:
Combat Stress:

St Dunstans:

or Blesma:

Agreed they may not have message boards attached but a search of the likes of Yahoo groups will find any number.

I'm SSAFA and I can assure you we accept all, whether or not they are Conservative :D

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