Wounded reservist - MoD failure in duty of care

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hackle, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. From today's Scotsman. Available from news.scotsman.com, free registration required for this article.
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    If colonel gets fecked about - what chances for the Jocks?
  3. Campaigners say Colonel Scott Garthley's case highlights growing concern that care offered to reservists following mobilisation falls below that given to regular soldiers.

    More to the point your family will get royally shafted if you are killed! £1200 pension a year for a TA Cpl's widow bringing up two small children. The reason? TA don't pay into the Army pesion fund, or thats what the pen pushers say. A regular Cpl's widow from the same Corps picks up over £14000 from the army in benifits. So much for 'One Army' concept. In short the reserve is value for money for the government as they cost less alive and even less when they are killed or injured!
  4. This is shocking. The 'TA don't pay into the Army pension fund' bit is a Cold War argument, possibly arguable before regular & continuous mobilisations began in the mid-90s. Since then a proportion of deployed forces has continuously been provided by TA and regular reservists (IMO too often overlooked in such discussions). Telic has increased that proportion - and sadly the chances of becoming a casualty. I see no reason why the Army could not have been paying a corresponding amount into the pension fund, or coming up with a separate scheme.

    Any more thoughts?
  5. The Septics have experienced exactly the same problem btw. Reserve and NG personnel have had a tough time getting medical help. This has been recognised and moves are afoot to improve their situation.I'll try and find a link.
  6. since the demise of the military hospital, we all go on NHS waiting lists, reg or TA, wounded or elective.
    we no longer have our own hospitals, we dont have military only wards or operating theatres. he cant be given what we dont have. sorry and all that but thats life post DCS15.
  7. From Strategy Page;
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What really pis ses me of here is not so much that the services are not available (and that does pis s me off) but the attitude that - so what, no-one is going to complain to an extent that I lose my nice, expensive, well paid and covered in expenses, seat at Westminster.

    I really detest politicians and the end result of their incompetence - and ultimate sloping shoulders - 'Not my fault mate' UUUrrrrrrrgh. hate them
  9. Yes, am aware of that FF, that quote is from the article not from me. A Regular MIGHT not, however, be totally abandoned into the civilian system to quite the same extent as is alleged in this case. On the mental health angle, sheer speculation on my part but it is not impossible that in this case the patient's rank was one reason for his not getting the follow-up which is supposed to happen. I totally accept that, as is often the case, part of the problem is not specific to Reg or reserves although that seems to be the angle taken in the article.
  10. Have a look at the Med Quaranc board on the MDHU thread to see what the professionals think about what they are able to offer.
  11. Ahhh, so.

    Memo to self: Get wounded at the start of moblisation, means less time on NHS lists.

    All this, once again makes me wonder: Why the hell Am I trying to join up?

    Frankly the one thing capble of scaring me off from the TA is the royal shafting I'm likley to recive from the MOD/Govenment.
  12. A regular soldier I worked with in Aldershot had an accident when getting off a Herc and he had big problems with his back. He was kept on a waiting list for years in the UK and only got the operations he needed when he got his MP involved who asked questions to TCH in the House of Commons. I don't think the TA are treated any worse than the regs but I am sure that the welfare issues are likely to be less robustly dealt with due to the fact that when TA soldiers are back home they are less likely to be of a concern to his unit. A sick regular soldier will, however, not be as employable in his unit and have a better support system.
  13. i have a letter from HQ scotland saying that no TA or reservist is to be treated by the army medical services no matter where they recived the injury. and all i wanted was a bit of physio for a shoulder injury caused by an RPG on telic, and i work next to the med centre. just shows how much we are appreciated. again!!!
  14. Nice of them makes you really think hard about joining up :?
  15. Not surprising really. After all we are not people, we are 'platforms'. Didn't you know that 'platforms' aren't supposed to throw a sicky or hurt their back? Of course not, platforms are imaginary inhuman conceptoid objects which as far as the beancounters and politicians are concerned are what the army is made up of. CVR(T), CR2, AFV, AH, SH, Man. Platforms, all of them. Remember that next time you get injured, and book yourself an appointment with the LAD.