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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Blade-Runner, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Medals can be a hot topic here and some folk really need to take a chill pill. We hear about KIA all the time and but we never really hear the stories of the wounded, and god knows how many have been wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan and wars past. The introduction of the Elizabeth Cross was a good thing in my view. It can't bring back the dead but it gives the relatives something, that on rememberance it highlights that they have lost a loved one in War.

    I saw this today. They have done their Country proud and for some blokes, they may have been out there less than the requirement to qualify for the OSM (Unless it has changed).

    Institute a medal for HM Armed Forces wounded in action. - e-petitions

    The Americans have had the purple heart for years (not that we want to be like them and have a medal for everything) and other Armies have a similar thing. It has probably been discussed before and put to bed and the reason I think is probably the wounded 'dont want another f**king medal!' and living with the wounds and the scars of war is bad enough than having a medal to constantly remind them of the time they lost their legs etc. Something I am sure they would rather forget.

    What are the Arrsers thoughts on this?
  2. Fucks sake not another one. Why the **** would someone want to be reminded that they are missing legs and or arms? So what if the yanks give a medal for being wounded, does that mean we have to copy them? No it doesn't. If the yanks jumped off a cliff, would you copy them? Soldiers get a medal for their time on operations whether they get wounded or not, lets leave it at that.

    **** off with your medal petitions.
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  3. Hi, I'm a qualified Search Advisor. If you need help in the future doing any search please let me know.
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  4. "Sorry about you losing your limb mucker, have some bling."

    "Sorry you tripped and twisted your ankle mucker, have the same bit of bling."

    No thanks.
  5. I've twisted my ankle, can I have ANOTHER medal?
  6. What about the psychological scars that aren't obviously visible to everyone?

    Poke your bukshee bling up your hoop.
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  7. Does the geezer who shot himself through the foot accidentally at 3 in the morning in the sanger get one because the dozy twat had his gat resting on top of his boot with one up the spout get one?
  8. It's RHQ, so I'm allowed in here.

    Why can we always spot a ******** from a mile away?

    Where do these people come from?

    Are they mass produced at some "******" factory?

    Shall I just have another little Lemsip and be nice to my pillows?
  9. Dont shoot the messenger! This isnt my petition and I posted this to share as people here are probably not aware of the next medal fad that has come along. Now Sir, you can kindly tell the petition to kindly '**** off' by clicking here. This will make you feel better and get rid of some of that keyboard rage you have. ;o)

  10. Is that a euphemism?
  11. You've not seen her "pillows" have you.
  12. Is that a blatant request for a shoe in your head?

    @Blade_Runner, if you don't want us to shoot the messenger, why post it?
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  13. MMMmmmm, let's have a think. You don't know where I live and you don't know what I look like. You may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I doubt you are going to expend any time or energy finding out, so the chances of a shoe in the head are fairly slim, (not unlike your boyish, ironing board, flat chest, if I'm to believe other posters comments).
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  14. Why not? Its a medal topic. This is a forum. If you dont like, dont read. I dont agree with the medal either..... but hey ho, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  15. Given that our recent governments have displayed an unerring desire to follow them around playing world police for the last ten years I'd say yes. We probably would actually.
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