Wouldn't want to be on these flights

Watch the landings on this, bet the passengers were happy to be back on the ground.

Linky Poos
Fuck that. Good skills from the pilots to land those things.

If they;d filled the planes with fatties who only had to buy 1 seat instead of 2, thus increasing the weight of the plane, would these landings have been easier? Discuss.
those are just normal landings for Alitalia!!
Just like Yeadon on a blowy day.:)
Aye, Leeds-Bradford, typical Yorkshire thinking: "If we build t'airport on t'highest hill, tha won't have to spend so much fuel getting it t'up in air!"
The old bloke who pushed him off was identified as former PLA Engineers. Squaddie humour is truly international.
And Sappers the world over know how to fix a problem :)

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