Wouldnt happen with skids

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cloudbuster, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. Ooops. That could have been quite nasty not to mention a bit embarassing!
  2. Ground crew or traffic control not done its checks then? If you land on grass, like to think tower would tell you where the trouble spots are. Another case of show organisers not considering all aspects of safety.
  3. I'm still wondering if the oleo bottomed-out before the nose struck the ground. Under the circumstances, cutting the display and getting it checked out might have been prudent, given the chances of debris stuck in the nosewheel bay on retraction.

    Interview-without-coffee for sure.
  4. Bet the Loady enjoyed that one 8O
  5. They really should have told the pilot about the bunker at the 17th!!

  6. The Captain of that Merlin needs to be sat down and the facts of life explained to him, definately without coffee!!! How the hell can he justify lifting off again after having just stuffed the nose wheel into the dirt. He could not possibly be aware of any damage done......what an idiot! 8O

    The display was totally boring as well. :?
  7. I think, from the evidence (model aircraft, url, and some words in the commentary ie "15th full-sized aircraft to land here") that the strip in question is used primarily for model aircraft. Which could lead us into Pilot-walt territory.

    So, Persian Kitten, if it isn't a licensed areodrome (CAA definition) it must be a field landing. Therefore, the responsibility for ensuring that the ground is safe to alight upon remains with the Aircraft Captain.

    Poor show, passing the buck like that, as well as completely missing the point about continuing with the display with unknown airframe damage.
  8. I deliberately didn't make a point of the potential damage incurred or the Captain's decision to continue the display without a damage check. It was self evident as far as I could see.
  9. What was the bod on the quad bike thing doing ?
  10. Putting some distance between himself and the clown in the front.

    3 or 4 km should do it.

    Wonder if he went back for the Board of Inquiry?
  11. The guy on the quad thingy was on his way to restock the onboard pie supply.........well it is an RAF SH after all. :lol: Its still hard to believe that an A2 QHI did something as basically stupid as to take off again without a visual inspection of the nose wheel assembly....DOH!!
  12. Strong nose wheel.
    5 in Thai is pronounced Ha, Zo
    Ha ha ha
    Good there where no casulties except perhaps a shreddei change or 2
  13. Yeah, you never see fat Lynx crews do you?

  14. I have it on good authority that it was almost certainly the squadron boss on the controls, not the display pilot named in the commentary. The same good authority is also gobsmacked that they continued the display without inspecting the nosewheel for damage.