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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Pub_Regular, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Yes, under strict control of regular units

  2. No, your time has gone. Leave us alone to get on with it.

  3. Sounds good. I'll do it if it's a go-er.

  1. Last night whilst enjoying a pre-bed beer or 2 with some mates the question was raised: "Why can't we go to Afghanistan and stag on for the troops and either give them a bit extra down-time, or free up some blokes to get on the ground?" Don't get me wrong, I'm just talking about guard duty on camp, not going out on the ground.

    Let me explain. I'm on the circuit and of the 12 of us, all are ex-services (army of course), with 7 ex-SF and a smattering of other cap badges. We're all under 48 years of age and still in good shape. All of us have worked in Afghan/Iraq whilst serving or since leaving and feel we could still be of use as mentioned above.

    Anyoo, there's a divide in opinion. Some reckon it would be worth considering, especially for the reason of giving the lads more rest, and some think the troops out there wouldn't be interesting.

    We're not even talking of asking for silly money. We just feel we could play a part in supporting the troops in our own way. 3 lads say they would go for free.

    So, at the risk of getting slated what's the honest opinion of fellow Arrsers? And are there others out there who would be interested in going out in the same capacity as us?

    Standing by. Don't shoot the messenger!
  2. You can. Join the TA. Easy.
  3. I'd go, if they provide a nice comfey chair whilst watching out for various ragheads, and paid me £60,000 a year to keep my lifestyle going for when I return the hero, to the adulation of the local townsfolk, who, i'm sure, would all be clambering to buy my beer for a month :D
    Errrr ...no, think i'll leave it to the young pup pro's that have my ever humble support - god bless em :salut:

    not such a bad idea tho if your rich/unemployed or both and bored!
  4. Loads of questions to be answered before this would fly but bottom line - who would pick up the tab because the government certainly wouldn't.
  5. Get the MPGS to do tours, sorted.
  6. Does the TA just stag-on now then? I thought they'd improved since 1980! :D
  7. Fuck me, this has to be a bite attempt.. These clowns aren't even competent enough to stag on the gate of some redneck crab bases, let alone do anything important.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Faggot + perv!
  9. the point here is should support functions be taken up by civilian contractors instead of soldiers.
    Answer. Only if it is cheaper than soldiers, and saves the defence budget money.
    This will not meet the security industry's daily rate expectation unless done by cheap rate people.
  10. Eh? My last few units have had MPGS and most of them had done at least 12 yrs. Although few of them were classic leader material, they were all mature enough to acknowledge their position, very professional overall and, to be honest, far better at stagging on the front gate than me.
  11. They've got some duff lads. They've also got ex-RM WO2s and ex-para and Inf lads who are very competent.
  12. As SBP and Murielson say, its all about cost.