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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scotlass, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. This afternoon, i got into a discussion with a friend(female) about the state of her marriage, her husband, is unable to raise the flag pole, so we got into a conversation as to whether or not she should take a lover, or whether she should pay for sex with a male escort..
    Obviously the male escort thing would only be occasional due to the prices.
    So I want to know should she have a bit on the side, or should she face a life with only a rabbit for company?
  2. Do the decent thing, don't let her go without.
  3. Right,that is the last time i ever fcuking tell you anything. :eek:
  4. From the male perspective, she should get out there and find someone ASP before it heals up. If I lived close enough, I would volunteer immediately.

    Seriously though, as long as it's just sex then fine but these things have a habit of becoming more than that for one of them.

    Good luck to her though.
  5. haven't they heard of viagra?
  6. Dont always work does it?Not that i know :oops:
  7. Tell your "friend" to lose some weight, then maybe her husband will find her attractive enough again to get a lob on.

    If she cant be bothered with shifting her fat arrse off the sofa, then tell her to crack on flirting with the blokes she's met on here and nail one of them...if she hasn't already.
  8. Is their more to this? Does her husband not find her attractive anymore, are they drinking/smoking too much or is it a illness
  9. No, she's just gopping and her husband is too busy nailing the bird from number 22
  10. So whom is her blerk roaring up? Oh, and how much do these 'escort' types earn of an evening? Purely out of interest...
  11. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    tell her husband how to please a woman without raising the flag pole - or the wedlock's running on empty anyway
  12. Any tips on telling a close friend of mine that

  13. "Get to the gym, you fat b1tch" usually works quite well.
  14. Having a conversation with yourself in the afternoon after a couple of sherries is sure sign that your husband has left you..... :D

    Edited for mongness.
  15. What about Mrs Polar has just read Moodys post and thinks I'm talking about her