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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by no1cares, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. watch the vid of Steve Irwins fatal footage????????????
  2. No.....

    Why not go the whole way and search on Google for 'Ken Bigley....?'
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Yes! Why not! :?

  4. No. It'd be distasteful and insulting to his family.
  5. Funny that. If it was some loon off the streets it would be flashed round the internet for shits and giggles. Might even make the Darwin Awards except he already has kids.

    Make a good health and safety vid. How not to annoy dangerous wild creatures.
  6. I can hold my head high (unlike Kenneth) and can confirm that I did watch the shoplifter getting topped. My testes are still simmering now.

    If Steve was going to die for the camera he could have done it in a bit more style... A car chase? a fall from a all building wrestling a giant fish to the floor?

    I watched the clip with his nipper and the croc, almost praying that he'd drop it, no directly into the open mouth, it would be much more fun to watch it bounce, hopefuly like a rugby ball with no clue which way it will go.... imagine the surprise and the televisual delight as the big croc guzzles a new born, fascinating tele.
  7. Just go to Ogrishdotcom. They have them all in there. Pretty gruesome stuff but intriguing at the same time.

    I suppose you don't masterbate either do you?
  8. lol It may just be tabloid bullshit but I heard somewhere it was one of Stevies dying wishes that the film be broadcasted!

    He'd love it lets face it.............It would be an insult to his memory NOT to show it!
  9. If he hadnt derived all his televisual fame from the fact we always hoped he'd get offed by a nasty animal then I would say it was tasteless but it makes all the hours watching his kahki self worthwhile if we get to see the finale.
  10. What about the poor stingray? How do you think it feels like for having to kill a human in self defence????? :D
  11. I think it's tasteless and I wouldn't watch it if the chance came my way. Though he took his chances for the camera at not getting killed and eaten, in this instance he took his chances for the camera and got killed. So it's fair viewing. Otherwise it's double standards. Watch me taunt this croc' but don't watch me as it has my leg for lunch.
  12. I heard that he wanted it televised aswell.

    I think its fair viewing, i'd watch it anyhoo. :D
  13. Surely Pay Per View...Fight night: "Steve Irwin VS The Stingray"

    You'd make a mint
  14. Just need to get my mits on that vid...... :twisted:
  15. I might do - I might not. What's it to you..??

    Actually, I am struggling to see the link between flicking one off the wrist and watching a man die on film.

    By the way, I'd rather not get drawn into one of these 'slagging session threads' that you seem to specialise in.

    Bye for now.