Would You?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mattb, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. That's a bit harsh posing pictures of your wife on arrse and no clunge pics either!
  2. 39 years old. /shudder
  3. Forget the Atkinson diet, try the Belson instead!
  4. Perhaps she could pass on some tips to the porker in the "has the BFT gone AWOL?" thread.....just saying like...
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  5. 'Levitin'? Leave it out, please! If she got any fan mail, it would blow her down the street. Christ almighty!
  6. Fuck that it would be like trying to shag a Swan Vesta, and her dried up clunge would likely cause enough friction to make her go up like one as well.
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  7. You bunch of poofs - every holes a goal - (Unless you are with 3PM in which case every arrse holes a goal)
  8. I bet she's a miserable cunt.

  9. All her teeth will have fallen out from malnutrition and she'll be desperate for protein, so you'd have epic gum jobs on demand.
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  10. She was hot at 19, but after the sex change she's cooled off a tad.
  11. 2 pages in and no one's made a Dale joke yet? For shame.

  12. She's obese compared to that horror... I still would though
  13. Yes. And tell her she's a fat cunt when I finished.