Would you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tobers, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Is it post op .... sod it i would anyway
  2. Ok read the small print ... answer still applies
  3. Would I ?

    With a ball pein hammer.
  4. yes, i'd probably go for the old shame induced murder afterwards though.

    and i'm not even catholic!
  5. No, far too young, but his mum, well.............
  6. Good call on the Mum .... but i raise you both at the same time ??
  7. Mummy would go in the van. Junior would get beaten to death with a black rubber cock.
  8. yeah, why the fuck not? Even if it's still got a cock they all look the same bent over at that age.
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  9. Sort those eyebrows - and chopt the c*ck off and I would!

    Actually, don't worry about the eyebrows!
  10. "...despite model looks...."

    What fecking model? - Model T Ford, Cromwell's new Model Army

    Give us a clue?

    Now back to his/her Mum....
  11. Not so good in this pic, bollocks, hampton and all.

  12. Re: Picture 1

    Remind me again which one is Gaga?
  13. And WTF happened to the legs?
  14. Never ever ever,,,except when drunk.....