Would you ...?

She's probably already got it, along with other unpleasant ailments.


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Pejic was born in Tuzla, Bosnia. He has one older brother. His mother, Jadranka, is Serbian and their father, Vlada, Croatian. His parents divorced shortly after his birth. During the Bosnian War, he moved with his mother, brother and grandmother to a refugee camp near Belgrade, Serbia.

When asked if he found his childhood difficult, Pejic said:

“No, I was happy. The camp was a community. We went to school and I had lots of friends – mainly girls. Everybody played outside. My memories are very carefree.
Nah, I tend to avoid fucking spotty fucking weirdo’s. It’s a lifestyle thing.
No. She/He has the look of the undead about it.
If he offered you a sloppy BJ while dressed en femme and didnt reveal his secret all of you would be round the back pants round ankles with your arse resting against the cold rusting metal of a skip in a jiffy

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