Would you?

Female (in the loosest sense possible) with a pulse. Every hole's a goal and all that :)

(Ok, so they're an own goal, but let's not get technical)
I know blokes who've paid for worse.
Would I what? Club them on the head use their blubber to make soap and their skin to make clothes? Yes
Would I fuck them? No chance.....I am only a skinny cunt who would get lost in their folds of fat whilst looking for their cunt hole.
How the fuck could you check a pulse on that?
Good question. Its not as if she'll fit in the van for a good going over and I'll need a fucking tanker full of chloroform to knock the cunt out.

I suppose if it waddles its a good shout that it has some sort of pulse.
Would I? Possibly
Could I? Probably not.
I would put the red head one into my hamster cage and hopefully after a few weeks running on the wheel would transform her into something of my liking otherwise if shes going for less than a fiver I may consider but I am sure smudger would outbid me on that.


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you'ld need a lot of flour to find the wet spot on one of those
The one on the right would do, t'others would have to piss and give me a sporting chance to find the cracks, or have me check where to book markers are.
Renee Williams. Would you?

Well? Would you?

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