Would You?

I sense a trap.......

If its female and legal then yes, if it isn't then no.
Actually if I'm entirely honest that probably applies regardless of whether they look pretty in a picture or not.
Yes, if she asked nicely, bought me a couple of drinks, a meal, took me dancing, and let me play with her poo hole.

P.S. Just checked, she's 17yrs old. So I'd definately let her tonsils tickle my bell end.


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I'm guessing if you disappointed her she might get her switchblade out and 'relax' by doing some serious damage to you.
na she would probably tweet about it then leek naked photos of herself to the press and blame you. Then get all her friends to harrass you on Facebook. While selling her story about an abusive relationship to OK magazine.
What's the drawback then?

It's either a ladyboy, or she's HIV Positive.

Or... she's Masher MacManus's daughter and he gets out next week from a ten stretch for aggravated head squashing of a whole rubgy team who happened to glance at his missus for a milisecond.

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