Would you?

Given of course that being an eco-type she probablly hasn't washed in months, so her minge will be a hairy biohazard.

My answer is yes- but on the strict understanding that it would be a hate fcuk- there's no way she's getting any pleasure from't.



sorry bud but there is no attachment or link on your message
look at those armpits.


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Looks a bit like this:

yes - but with a rusty 6 foot picket
Only if I could punch her in the kidneys, spunk in her face after and say 'you love the imperialist c0ck don't you you commie wh0re??'...

Here's another contender for, "Miss Climate Change 2009"

Shes got a fit looking body but a face like a robbers dog. Of course I would, but don't take that as any kind of endorsement, I'd do almost anything :D


I know this is sort of off topic, but I can't help noticing Ms Stephanie Flanders of the BBC, in all of the G20 coverage. I find myself attracted to her in a "posh totty that goes like a belt fed wombat" sort of way.

Am I alone?
I'd never heard of her before fozzy, but I certainly get what you mean. :twisted:


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