would you wear these on the p*ss?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Have just seen the ultimate in positive "i'm going to make it out of here alive" clothing: the blackhawk integrated tourniquet system

    while it may provide excellent support to emergency medical intervention, the question is: "would you trust your mates if you wore a set while going on the piss?"
  2. Would I wear them on the piss? Not a chance! (I don't drink anmore.)
  3. I never take mine off!
  4. Even when I went to joannas never really felt the need to be equipped
    for trauma .You have to ask yourself if your going out and feel the need
    to wear something like this or designer body armour should you really be going out .
    To be honest more likely get pissed have your mates do the torniquets up for a laugh and end up lossing a few limbs that way .Good idea possibly
    but a bit wierd as drinking gear.
  5. I would wear the khaki, but only if it was for a Steve Urwin memorial piss up.
  6. Reactivated repeatedly times would just sound silly :D
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I sort of wear one all the time, except it's got barbs in it; I think it's called a cylise. When I'm not wearing that, I'm birching myself.
  8. I rarely wear trousers when on the urine (well at least I turn up in the morning without any so it would appear I must have gone out like that!, never can remember?)
  9. I'm just wondering how spectacularly lucky/unlucky you'd need to be to need to use it twice with the same pair of trousers...
  10. I think they would be great on the piss, just tighten the tournequet and do a map of africa!
    Or even better, wear them at the next Mess do, no need for an admin break.
  11. I never hit the streets without precanulating and wearing a pair of those bad boys.
  12. I never understood why the gap in the market for mess-dress-stylee incontinence pants was never filled...
  13. If you had a serious leg injury, surely the medics would cut open the trousers, so the multiple times thing isn't a huge selling point.
  14. Out came the bold medic after Bar stool Incident in the pub, call from drinking buddy "Can you save him Doc?"

    Medic reply "Yes I can save his leg but the embarrassment from Ally pants will probably kill him, godam Blackhawk if only the made them casual grey slacks another senseless death could have been prevented."

    UK NHS Hospitals filled to capacity with Fashion Trauma victims, tips for survival, ask a mate does my arrse look big in these or do i just look like a big arrse.

    mong typo