Would You Walk on the Other Side?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by marco_poloroid, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Saw a Ch4 prog tonight called 'Would You Save A Stranger?' Self explanatory really; people recounting tales of then they stepped in and saved the lives of others being robbed/stabbed etc.

    I recall a recruiting advertisement a few years ago for the police called 'Could you?' Implying that if you couldn't, then don't apply.

    I cannot equate this with a military scenario, where the circumstances I would suggest are very different. I am talking about exercising your powers and moral responsibilities as a citizen.

    The question, therefore, is......Would YOU?
  2. YES and I have done many times, too many just walk on by!!
  3. At least you're honest
  4. Simple answer - yes I would cross the road to help every time!
  5. Do the right thing, even when its easier to walk on by...most of the time.
  6. I can understand the Yes. Not so sure about the 'every time' it though...
  7. I have done a few years ago me and a mate broke up this gang rape in Manchester ended up getting into a major fight there was 2 of us and 5 of them we won but didn't escape un hurt i got a bust lip and some cracked ribs my mate got a broken jaw but out of the 5, 2 went to intensive care and the other 3 ran off. Admittedly they weren't exactly big or hard but we stopped a girl getting raped.
  8. ;
    I saw that programme too - bloody shocking about the girl on the bus attacked by a group, and some old woman told her to "Shhh", as she screamed out for help!!

    I was thinking if that was me, and I was forced to use physical force, such as pushing the group off that bus, could I be susceptible to criminal action being taken against me?
  9. Stepped in once to stop a lad who had his girlfriend by the throat, scuffle ensued and I got smacked by the girls sister who thought it was me that was doing the attacking. Saw the girl who was attacked a few weeks later and she had a go at me for smacking her bloke.

    That was 7 or 8 years ago, I would seriously think twice about stepping in now. Simply because there is a much bigger chance that if you had to use physical force you would probably end up being prosecuted for it. I used to have confidence in the Police and the Courts, I don't anymore.
  10. Yes I would. But only if she had really big tits.
  11. Good point. However, I would like to think if it was the right thing, do it and face any police/ court action later. Hopefully, the the justice system will realise that you did the right thing for the right reasons. I would take my chances rather than live with the guilt that I could have saved someone but didn't because I was worried about the consequences later.
  12. Surely you WOULDN'T walk on the other side if she had significant mammaries? :wink:
  13. Yes, within reason.

    For example I've seen it where some tw@t has gobbed off at a random member of the public for bumping into their foot whilst getting on the bus, the guy was apologetic to the scrote and the scrote just got the usual "next time i'll knock yer 'ead off" last word in and nothing else was said.

    Under similar circumstances I've heard of wannabe heroes jump to the aid of the member of public even though there was no violence just all mouth and it escalalted to violence.

    I wouldn't step in for an argument to defend someone even he is in the right or wrong and I wouldn't step in at empty threats, untill it got physical then yes without a doubt if a random passer by was being attacked for no obvious reason then I would be morally obliged to intervene.

    The way I look at it is physical violence should be avoided where possible and getting involved when its at a verbal stage can often escalate it needlessly. You should be able to live with your ego or your mates telling you "you should have given that sh!t a piece of your mind", at the end of the day the d1ck could have a knife or you could end up ruining your career/life for the sake of a scrap and then getting dragged through courts.
  14. I have, but have also been attacked by the people I was 'saving'!
    Once. a mate and me were on our scoots driving through Stretford (Manchester) when we see this bloke kicking the shite out of his misses. We pull up, get the lids off and start giving this lad a good slapping, and then his misses (who up to a minute ago was being held by the throat and punched in the kisser) started hitting us! Luckily she was about 5' tall, so no damage done, but we were mightily confused.

    A lot worse happened to one lad I knew off the scooter rallies - he got involved in breaking up a scrap between a lad and his lass, and the silly bint (who he was trying to help) whacked him with her stiletto.... unfortunately it was right in his eye.... He used to have great fun on the rallies showing people his empty eye socket...

    I'd still get stuck in though
  15. Textbook. You should join the Constabulary :eek: I can't argue with any of that (you smartarse!! :D )