Would you visit the London Olympics?

£10billion plus of my money (well ok its not all mine, I don't earn that much) is being pissed away on the Olympics.
I wouldn't set foot on London for the event at any price
Ill be at every event I can make it too,especialy the shooting
How many of us are going to get lumbered with providing security for it?
I quite fancy the swimming*

And the cripple swimming* and cripple wheelchair rugby**

*I used to compete
** cos I watched Murderball and it was mental!
Ill be surprised if there isnt an attack by terrorists

Edited for mong spelling

Total F*cking waste of time & money.

Them who wants to "play" the Games, should pay the the total cost.

Whoever came up with the initial 'guesstimates' of costs should be imprisoned for fraud.
By 2012, the Labour government responsible for the shambolic and deceitful management of the Olympic project, will be history.
The next administration are going to inherit a major financial headache not of their making. Assuming that they don't fuck it up even further in the 2/3 years of their stewardship, I see no reason not to get behind it and give it my support.
Not happening id rather take part in a game of kill the white man in africa.
I'd like to go basically for the reason that I like the Olympics. However, I think 2012 is going to be a very embarassing time for Britain considering our gub'mint couldnt organise a p1ss up in a brewery.

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