Would you use this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. That's awesome.

    You could thrap one out, over the passers by, without being seen. :D
  2. Until it was dark outside and the automatic internal lights came on.
  3. Imagine the glass would need some cleaning at the end of each and every day. Is flash the jiz cleaner of choice??
  4. I would be too paranoid people could see me, stage fright would take over!
  5. Stage fright?.....it's never stopped you having a waz in the street before.
  6. Without a doubt I would.

    I would also ply Mrs Essexbob with champange to see if I could catch a quick one in there as well :oops:
  7. Good call - you could actually get some pics of you in action with the Mrs with passers by just wandering around. Even wait for a cop car to pass at the time of ye old vinegar stroke. Be great putting this idea into practise and then finding out it is a Candid Camera stunt. Wonder how much they would charge for a copy of the vid?

    Would also like to see these fitted to an aircraft and all around viewing made available. Imagine having a dump and being able to see xxx thousands of feet of sky above and below you!
  8. better than that - arrange to meet your boss for a drink - meet on that junction......

    Feck his wife in the cubical whilst you watch him check his watch....


  9. I'd just point and look astonished every time I went past. Just in case there was somebody in there doing their thing. That may have them leaving very quickly :lol:
  10. RTFQ


    Oh, good call that man - gather 'passers by' - who are really your mates and are in on it - to form a little crowd which points and whinces at the horrid sight. Wait till an old biddy gets in and she may actually die. Cool.
  11. And take a photo with your mobile, just to spped them on their way
  12. Well the variations are endless. Hours of potential entertainment before or after a few beers 8)
  13. A few months ago I was, for a variety of reasons, enjoying a pint in a bar in Esher in leafiest Surrey. This bar has exactly the same arrangement in the Gentleman's cloakroom, and it is quite good fun as it appears that none of the blokes have told their girlfriends that you can watch them whilst having a pi*ss.

    What do they do when you're not there? Unfortunately, they don't snog their mates but they do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time rifling through their handbags.

  14. V

    Kindly provide name of bar please