Would you take these 2 home ?

They got a bit antsy the last time I took them home.

You are supposed to keep women in the boot, aren't you?
I wondered where my T-shirts had got too.

Note 1 to self: Next time, don't drink as much between F and K :evil:
Note 2 to self: Must get T-shirts back and finish mission.
2 Candidates for the E&E thread me thinks......
If you could only take one home, which one would it be?

I vote the one with the tats, cuz at least I would still be alive when I get a shag!
Ruddles said:
If you could only take one home, which one would it be?
I'd chop them both up and reassemble my new squeeze from the best bits of each.
I didn't get where I am today by putting up with second best.
That's the problem with modern cars today; they're too small and made out of recycled beer cans. That's why I drive a classic car from the 1960s. There's plenty of room for your toys in the trunk.

Nurses eh? what would you do without 'em. Yes please. By the time she'd fucked me to death, I'd have died of old age anyway.. and who gives a shit after that, do what you will with the corpse darlin'. :p :p
Mr_Deputy said:
They actually look like great fun. I'd kill to fck them.
Right, and afterwards, I,ll fcuking kill 'em.
Pablo_Escobar said:

Something about Princess Beatrice with the one on the left
Hmmm, maybe you are right some idiot must have caught her on cell camera and photie shopped a dress on her - I like what he did with her norks though........- here's my original shot -


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