Would you suck it yourself if you could?

Would you suck it if you could?

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I've mentioned this bloke elsewhere on here, but...

a lad in 2 Para, circa 1998, could and would happily demonstrate if you asked nicely. In fact, he was so proud of the fact, you didn't even have to ask...

My only query is how did he get the energy to leave the house, let alone join up?
carlbcfc said:
There is a lot of self sucking talk over on another thread.

But would you suck your own if you could?

...and would you spit or swallow? :eek:
If I was to answer 'yes' to the above I would be denying your mother one of her last few pleasures in life, so I will answer 'no'.
Its not difficult if you put your mind to it.
And as mentioned, anyone who says no is volkak

Edited for mong text speak.
To quote the late, great Bill Hicks:

"Ladies, if guys could suck their own d1cks, you'd be sitting here right now without any boyfriends or husbands...looking at an empty stage." :twisted: 8)
Only latent in the closet homosexuals would "self suck". Dirty boys.
Command_doh said:
Anyone who says 'no' is a liar. Of course you would.

And I mean your own, not some random bender's.
You would? with a signature like yours?

Personally speaking, it would be pointless, as I wouldn't be able to do full deep throat. 8)
As has been said before, given some of the horrors it has entered, there's no way I'd put it in my mouth. Additionally given the state of my back I don't think I could even if I wanted to.
I knew a bootie once who was unequivocally proud of the fact that he had found a way to give himself a 'facial'. For those who wish to read on at this point, it would involve getting into a sort-of upside down bicycle position, on your back leaning almost onto your shoulders as you're about to hit the vinegar strokes. Well you can work out the rest...

He also told me how on exercise in the winter you can achieve a 'posh-wank'. Laying on stag (in the prone position) in the snow, pissing into an issued glove, moulding a hole into the snow with the glove carefully wedged inside all warm and wet achieves the desirable result.



Book Reviewer
No need
I've got a woman who does it for me
Well, wanking is giving yourself a hand-job and that doesn't make you gay, so how does this? :p

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