Would you still turn up

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. I was having a chat with a mate(regular) and he was saying that all TA personnel would had in there uniform if the powers that be scrapped the bounty.
    So how many do it just for that.
  2. utter crap!! I, for one, would still be there!
    It's NOT about the money, is it?
  3. Yawn. your "mate" is a cnut
  4. Might not turn up for that weekend in febuary :D .To be honest the pay and the bounty sort of keeps the wife off my back .Its nice to have and probably miss it if it went .but would still turn up when the wife let me.
  5. What a bone comment, :roll:

    Say the average ( not a nig) Tom/LCpl earning approx £50 per day incl travel , no doubt someone will correct me on the exact amounts now). Serves for say 30 Days i.e just over the minimum ( yes we know many do a hell of a lot more) Thats £1500 + 5 year bounty thats another £1556.

    Perhaps you Reg mate would be slightly peeved if someone halved their take home after sacrificing their weekends and annual leave and didn't bother with the generous pension terms either.

    Ironically I never joined the TA for the brass; as its hardly highly paid to begin with. But like any career that progresses you do expect to get paid the going rate as you climb the greasy pole. :wink:
  6. Your mate obviously doesn’t get paid very well if he considers our bounty to be a major motivating factor for a years work.

    It’s a nice little bonus, nothing more.
  7. I think a lot of regulars would leave if the non-contributory pension was taken away. Come to think of it, they'd all probably leave the army if the government were to take their pay away

    Perhaps they should make Op Tours all Cat C training.

    Just shows the lack of commitment in the regulars... eh..?
  8. thats what i told him :wink:
  9. Take the bounty away and what incentive are we left with?

    Regular updates
    A chance to stitch up mates for a giggle without too much fear of 'them' in HR sending a UnPC snottogram
    Guns mud rain snow wind tanks bombs
    The fukc about factor
    On the bus off the bus
    Crap accommodation
    Op tours
    Adventure drinking
    Great mates
    Social events, reunions

    I'm sure there's plenty more to be added to the list.

    So would we hand in our uniforms? I think not.

    (£1500 - what does that buy these days?)
  10. You sold it for me right there!...... :D

    Oh course we would still turn up....nonce! :roll:
  11. Well said CC_TA!

    The regs have always had a major grievance about the bounty. What they do not realise is that it money being held back during the year to ensure that we turn up, pass the necessary MATTs, and are deemed efficient.

    It is not a bonus.
  12. Are one word answers allowed here if so would I still turn up if they took the bounty away

  13. Of course not, if it was about money, I wouldnt be in the TA, I earn about x7 the amount the TA pay me if I work a sunday, but more often than not, I chuck them in, in favour of a T.A weekend.

    As for bounty, its a nice little extra, but so are the commitment bonus & financial rentention incentives the regs get for staying in, what is it now, about £10,000 for doing 6 years, thats about £1666 a year give or take a few quid would they leave in their droves if these were stopped?
  14. TA;

    If you are adequate/up to scratch/qualified/useful you get 'x' pounds

    If you are absent/below par/unqualified/not useful you get 'x' pounds minus £382 to £1500

    Regular Army;

    If you are adequate/up to scratch/qualified/useful you get 'x' pounds

    If you are absent/below par/unqualified/not useful you still get 'x' pounds

    The difference is, if regs have an absent/below par/unqualified/not useful soldier - comrades have to do more work to cover or TA/Reservists have to fill the gap.
  15. bounty of no bounty I would still turn up.