Would you stay in the TA if you didnt get pay?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. I'm not in the TA, but am in a similar organisation here in Denmark. I've been in for 12 years now, and to be perfectly honest I'm about to jack it in.

    I've finally decided that my free time is too precious to spend an entire weekend, where I only actually have fun for two or three hours, and spend the other 40 odd hours asking myself what in God's name I'm doing there.

    Over here the system is such that if an activity isn't during normal 'office hours' you don't get any pay for it, and if it is you get the equivalent of unemployment benefit.

    I'm not sure if getting paid would help in my situation, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

    So I was wondering;

    Would you have joined the TA if there was no pay or bounty?

    If the system changed to one the same as ours tomorrow, would you stay in?

  2. When I joined I thought it would be like cadets - where you pay each time you train and pay more for Camp etc. It was a very pleasant surprise to find we were paid and got a Bounty.

    Nearly 24 years and several ops later there is no way I'd still be in without pay.

    That said, if the Civil Defence Corps ever comes back as unpaid volunteer work I'd be interested........

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  3. Yes I would. However, if I had more family commitments (children) then I might not stay if I didn't get paid like the special police don't.
  4. When I joined, I said that I'd do it for free and if that ever changed then I'd leave.

    After nearly 8 years in, that still holds true.

    However, looking at it from purely financial terms is very limited and I must admit to having very little motivation to rock up. Hopefully 1/3 of the problem will go away in the summer months...
  5. I'm RauxAF of course but I'd stay if the pay stopped.

    Unfortunately, Dragon Ops would probably not allow it.
  6. I personally could never get my head around how Special Constables were willing to work without pay.
    However I d think that the demands that the TA Can, and must, place on it members, make payment more appropriate. (I am implying nothing about "Specials" beyond they do a shift, a Terrier does 48 hours on a w/e)

    Personally, when I was in the TA, I approached it as I did when a Reg', namely I did what was expected as a job (be then a "part-time" one) and wanted to be paid accordingly.
    But I always have had a mercenary streak in me!
  7. No way I'd do it for nothing. I'm paid for what I know and how to apply it and make the most cost effective decisions based on the circumstances, same as my civvie job.

    In saying that I do know a few who would willingly give up their time for nothing.
  8. Oi keep it down will you, Her Indoors doesn't know about the pay or the Bounty and long may it stay that way. :wink:
  9. I would've joined without pay, but having now been in a few years, I know for a fact I would've jacked it in by now if it wasn't for the money. Sounds bad, but the cake and arse party's are becoming more frequent.
  10. Given that a number of TA soldiers have problems getting money of the Army for the training they have carried out, I would summise that they soldier simply for the love of it :D
  11. The pay is part of it and if there were no pay then my contribution would be more proportional to what I got out of it, e.g. on the really really pointless training weekends I might just consider staying at home with the duvet and chocolate biscuits. No travel expenses though would almost certainly make me quit if only on finanical grounds; a 120 mile round trip eight times a month in a rather unefficient car (rotary engine) doesn't come cheap. Of course I could drive a Prius or something but I'd rather not. :D
  12. When I started it was all about being a soldier. Shooting guns and drinking lots, and lots of beer.

    Know I have too work, lessions plan's, TSI's etc it has become a career.

    As soon as the fun leaves it becomes a job.

    You can almost understand why people play airsoft or do military reenactment. It's like playing soldiers with out the paper work.
  13. you get paid?, fu,ck i was doing it for the luv of the service....bugger :)

    i alway knew JPA was ripping me off...LOL
  14. Not mentioned yet is the value that others (and we ourselves), put on our commitment!

    I do know that the “cold war” era TA (with which I am particularly familiar), was carefully costed, and was a bloody good deal for the government(s) of the day.

    (The current TA/reserves, are the subject of another thread altogether).

    I am certainly of the opinion, that if you “price” something too cheaply, it’s perceived value is lessened, and therefore the appreciation of whatever it is we are providing/offering - product, service, commitment - is similarly lessened. ( . . . I’m certain we’ve touched on this once before ?!).

    Anyway I’m off to Google “Home Defence Force”, which I seem to remember was Thatcher’s idea of TA “Lite”, a little more sedentary, and less demanding - for defence of “key points” - and certainly more appropriate for my present circumstances/condition !!

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  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I know far too many people who have had their idealism in the TA/Service chipped away over the years. They wouldn't do it for free. In fact, a lot of the Senior WO's/Officers I have encountered should seriously consider paying the MOD for what they do (or more accurately DONT) do on these TRG w/e's.

    I didn't do it for the money originally, but I rely on the bounty now.