Would you shiit in a urinal

Sorry to have to post this, chaps, but today, I had a lunchtime beer with an old pal. During the conver, we noticed some semi- or permanenty homeless type being kicked out of the bar. What the feck ? The bar has a small bog, comprising 3 urinals. There also is a shitter, a key for which is there for the asking. My mate, a national of the country I happen to be in went for a syphon before me. When I came back, with a grim face, he asked 'Did you see it ?' A reply was unneccesary. How could anyone possibly curl one off in a urinal, with the possibility that a normal person might walk in whilst the process is in action ? Oh, hi, just having a shit in the pisser.....
Been there, done that. It was half a lifetime ago though and in this Country, up North.
Bottle, did you get a 'D' in geography like me ? I thought I was in Somalia until it started snowing............
More to the point. Yes, everyone proud of a shite in a urinal most likely did it well on into the night, or as a statement about service. This happened around midday The best bit is the bar where this happened is called ' The Legionairre', because the boss was one. Today he wasn't there. Lucky for the tramp.
I've also carefully peeled the top off a Pot Noodle, tipped out the contents, shat in it and glued the lid down. Then snuck it back into the NAAFI shop. Sorry to whoever purchased the badger.
Not quite the same, but at college, removed the s bends on the urinals in one dept, so the computer science and electronics geeks pissed all over their hush puppies. Never much love lost between Construction and Engineers dept and the geeks.
gling film in bog seat was more amusing!!
Leveller - nearly done it again ! Not a geek m'self but more power to those who remind them of what they are. It was very fortunate I came back from a slash before reading that !!!!!!
When I was at college we had a 'The Phantom Shitter'. Not just urinals either, nothing was safe. Sinks, waste paper baskets in classrooms, on the welding bench in the engineering shop, in one of the old banger cars in the vehicle mechs section,....

And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head nearly 20 years later, the phantom seemed to strike about once a month for what seemed like ages at the time. As far as know never caught either.

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