Would You Shag Your Mates Mum...

Carrying on from 'would you shag your mates mrs', what about his/her mum? Or just any milf you know for that matter, pics are optional but wouldnt go amiss.

Certainly know ive got a few mates who are sons of milfs, no photos unfortunately but i dont think one would be able to fit her tits in a single photo anyway.

Or even better, have you already and just want to brag about it
When we were 18/19, one of the lads shagged another of the lads mother. She was about 40+-. Next on my 'to do' list a MILF'ish looker like this one.

To give it an Arrse theme her dad is Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson


Suppose if this were to be read by anyone from Norfolk/Suffolk it would be more apt for your own mum.
A friend of mine, a Sergeant from 32 Engr Regt was shagging one of the Sapper's mother when he was back in the UK. He had to be careful their leave dates didn't clash; ("Hi sarge, what are you doing here?") but by all accounts she was filthy!
back in the late 80s (I was 18 ) I was on leave from Germany and bumped into my brothers mother-in-law in the local pub, much beer and flirting later I was round her house up to my nuts. Next morning I woke up, looked at her and instantly tried to get out without her waking up.
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