Would you shag your mates Dad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Just to complete the family theme,and also in line with the policy of inclusiveness.
  2. Do you feel strangely attracted to the boy then, what will your son say?
  3. Only if he promised to cuddle me after, and take me home in the morning in time for Why Don't You on the telly. Or, at a push, Junior Kickstart.
  4. I did

    He got chopsy so dropped him with a pick helve ....well shagged he was

    I know I know

    TAXI :)
  5. Most of my mates' dads are dead.... the rigor mortis only lasts 24 hours so after a day they aren't much use.
  6. Is it true that is you die with a boner it wont go down....... and, er can be used. It was in a Kevin Smith film called Clerks! Honest!
  7. Reminds me of the guy who died with a boner. The undertaker said they could either build a little box at the appropriate place in the coffin or they could cut it off.
    "What do you do with it if you cut it off"? She asked
    "We usually just insert it in the anus out of the way".
    "allright then, do that". she says.
    When she comes back just before the funeral her husband is in his coffin and is beautifully made up and looks almost young again. She notices that the undertaker has even put a little tear in the corner of his eye. She bends down as if to give him one last farewell kiss and says, "Fucking hurts doesn't it"?
  8. That's funny that is.
  9. Well, I help out p/t with an undertaker and the answer to both your Qs is, sadly, no. Well, not that I've ever seen, anyhoo.

    Trade's a bit down at the moment. Can't wait for the first cold snap.
  10. Yeah. Sure, why not?

    Fair's fair, he shagged me.
  11. I'll introduce you to my daughter, you'll be great pals.

    Keep bumping this thread guys. :)
  12. This thread has reminded me of my great Uncle, he died of a heart attack while in bed with one of his young bar maids.
  13. That is a great Uncle!
  14. spooning against a hairy back:pukel:
  15. It's only like sleeping on a horse hair mattress ^_~