Would you shag your mate?

The question not yet asked.............The love that dare not speak it's name.
Would you get down and dirty with your bezzer? Re-enact the Blokeback Mountain thing? Go shopping for comfortable shoes etc ?
Would i shag my mate? Only if he came camping with me and woke up in the morning with scuffed knees, a sore arse and a condom hanging out teet end first but didnt tell anyone. Itd be our little secret
In a heartbeat.

It's the epitome of manly hetero tiger; you're so comfortable in your sexual orientation that you will suction de-fuel your mucker in the ultimate buddy buddy 69 embrace without worrying whether you're falling in love with him.

Then you can watch Match of the Day without interruption whilst sharing a crate of Stella.
I honestly do think that the image of that has scarred me for life
That's really perverted plus I could not be untrue to my love, a sweet little ewe lamb called Baahbaahra.
How can a woman be your mate? Do you go clothes shopping together and swap make up tips? Are you gay or something?
I am one of the site homosexuals yes, me and my friend do lots together, she is the perfect accompaniment for the discerning Royal Marine, we finish most evenings clad only in muslin drapes, fake tiaras and clutching suede handbags, you however judging by your posts are a confirmed recovering alcoholic ....(did 6 months in Sipovo tanked on homebrew and being denied mail once in a while get you on the bottle?) and judging by the picture you put up with Sam Fox in Bosnia you shouldnt competely rule out having girly mates as you strongly resemble a downs afflicted Taiwanese strip club owner who fell in a dressing up box..

You filthy fucking dwarfish nip....

Yes, I must admit I've thought long and deeply over this one. In the end I decided best not to. I prefer unprotected sex, and there's no telling what the puppies would be like if it went wrong.

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I would and I did. I clocked him nipping out an MRE induced Alabama steamer in Iraq and the deal was sealed. The heady combination of wanton destruction, heat, fear of being vapourised by incoming and a naturally curious penis, resulted in me using his anus as a spitoon and his mouth as a surrogate womb.
I have also enjoyed a lost afternoon of sweat soaked penile fun.

We were drunk, eyes locked and before we knew it we were rolling down a hill near Glenridding locked in a 69.

It wasn't gay, we just spent a few hours using each other anus's to make each other climax. There were no puffy feelings, kissing or cuddling, just raw hetero man on man
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