Would you shag your mate?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. The question not yet asked.............The love that dare not speak it's name.
    Would you get down and dirty with your bezzer? Re-enact the Blokeback Mountain thing? Go shopping for comfortable shoes etc ?
  2. If I was mate's with The Saturday's, I might think about it yes!;-)
  3. I would and I do, but she is a 30 something dusky half breed with a penchant for outdoor pursuits and the odd hip smashing fuck
  4. Would i shag my mate? Only if he came camping with me and woke up in the morning with scuffed knees, a sore arse and a condom hanging out teet end first but didnt tell anyone. Itd be our little secret
  5. I honestly do think that the image of that has scarred me for life
  6. Rape me again you pencil dicked fucker. I'll rip your tits off.
  7. Yes i would and do quite often but she is my wife.
  8. That's really perverted plus I could not be untrue to my love, a sweet little ewe lamb called Baahbaahra.
  9. That'll wear off in a few months. Fecking newly weds, eh?
  10. How can a woman be your mate? Do you go clothes shopping together and swap make up tips? Are you gay or something?
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)


  12. Were you offering?
  13. I'd fuck my mate :) But I don't have a Bezzer, as I'm a lot older than 12 :)
  14. I am one of the site homosexuals yes, me and my friend do lots together, she is the perfect accompaniment for the discerning Royal Marine, we finish most evenings clad only in muslin drapes, fake tiaras and clutching suede handbags, you however judging by your posts are a confirmed recovering alcoholic ....(did 6 months in Sipovo tanked on homebrew and being denied mail once in a while get you on the bottle?) and judging by the picture you put up with Sam Fox in Bosnia you shouldnt competely rule out having girly mates as you strongly resemble a downs afflicted Taiwanese strip club owner who fell in a dressing up box..

    You filthy fucking dwarfish nip....

  15. yes i would she is a very nice girl :)