Would you shag Mary Bale?

With her head pushed inside a wheelie bin............... yea in an instant.

Quote:"I'd rather shag the cat" ..............I'd expect nothing else from a Welshman.


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You lot are sick! Mind you on a dark night she would still be more likely to get it than the GWA from Girls Aloud.
Are we allowed to include the cat?
Oh Mr Griffin, you are to wit what Jane Dando was to panic rooms...

I personally would shag her, if only to express my gratitude for her pissing off all the cat lovers - which incidentally is both illegal and unhygienic - in the UK!
I don't know the bird, and I don't shag cats as a rule, but if the bin was well lubricated and big enough I'd give it one.
Or two!!
One assumes Ms Bale keeps her pussy in just out of the box condition and would not be averse to being filmed?
"Oh Mr Griffin, you are to wit what Jane Dando was to panic rooms"

Cuddles, one doesn't by any chance mean JILL Dando?

And in answer to the original topic, I wouldn't go near it with a bargepole.
My mate was shagging her until recently when he binned her saying that that her pussy had bin overly abused was wheelie in need of attention.
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