Would YOU shag it???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wet_blobby, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Stupid question!
  2. That is fcuking mad!!!!!

    An operation in Thailand, miles from anyone, the surgeon could have been anybody (although to be fair Thailand is renouwned for Ladyboys I suppose) well gutsy.
  3. Yes..Yes...Yes...but why have an Op in the first place ?
  4. Would I? Already have.
  5. I'd shag his girlfriend... :wink:

    I wonder if she had it preserved after they lopped it off.... just in incase she was feeling... :x

    Coat... hat... TAXI!
  6. The photo of he/she/it with the bandaged napper reminds me of the film Coneheads.

    And no .. I wouldnt.
  7. to right i would.
  8. It's beyond me how they managed to skillfully construct its new lips from his old penis. Absolutely amazing.
  9. I've done way way worse...so yes! 8)
  10. If I had to shag it I'd rather have shagged it when it was a bloke, at least then you'd know what you where humping. Now it's a she I think they only way to shag it is to pop its eye out and skull fuck it.
  11. .......and the design of its new vagina, mouth and anus were very much influenced by its experiences with Mortar Pl and understanding their preferences. 51mm, 60mm and 81mm respectively.
  12. You've done the deed and he/she says 'I did better when I had a dick'.

    Thats a real happy thought :oops: :oops:

    does the ex have a strap on for those cold nights in though
  13. What a mess...
    er, what`s its mother like....?

  14. "...My feet, too, are too small for normal male Army boots, although even they are starting to shrink..."

    I never knew that gender dysphoria makes yer boots shrink :) as for the rest, whatever makes you happy.

    Ian did his job as a serviceman and by all accounts did the job properly and if Ian is happier as Jan well then, fair play to her.